Any plugins that stop this?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by HockeyMike24, Dec 2, 2011.

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    On my server there is a little glitch people have discovered that is really bad for PvP servers. There is a way that a player is able to get inside gated areas. Is there a plugin or some kind of way this can be stopped?

    Mod Edit (c0mp): Removed the actual method for now.
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    Don't explain how to recreate it!! Your just expanding the number of people that know about it!
  3. should he explain the problem in sign language then? It's not a problem you can describe without actually saying how to do it.
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    In order to find a solution he needs to explain his problem, I'm sure many people know of this from pure accident such as myself.
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    This bug is very wide known and I think its even written on the wiki multiple times, so no much harm done there.

    As for bug, that is actually a feature that prevents users from suffocating on relogin. Let's say you logout and other players will fill your logout location with blocks. When you log in, you would obviously be inside blocks and die from suffocation, so server teleports you to safe point (highest possible point).

    So someone needs to come up with solution that prevents this kind of teleporting, but also prevents suffocation on login.
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    My bad, just didn't think it was smart to have the "bug" described step by step on how to replicate it. I didn't know about it and I'm sure there were more. So again, sorry to @HockeyMike24 and everyone else
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