Any good way to overwrite the world?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by MikeGold, Oct 20, 2013.

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  1. Well, the title might be a little bit confusing, but the story is like that:
    - I've got a server with a multiversecore and a good few worlds.
    - One of those worlds is a survival dungeon.
    - I'm restoring it every day at 5a.m. when McMyAdmin restarts server and runs restore.bat that I've made. It simply overwrites the whole dungeon world with backed up original.
    - I've got a few players that would like the dungeon to restore every few hours, but if I run the bat file while the server is running, everything is crashing.
    Q: So is there any good way to overwrite the world without server going haywire?
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  3. It's cool, but I'm not skilled enough to compile the source plus I can't find it on bukkit.
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  5. Well it was all awesome, plugin does exactly what I would expect it to do, but Multiverse-Portals ruins it all. Every time the adventureworld is to be reloaded, it's restarting multiverse-portals which is getting server stuck for a good few minutes kicking all the users in the process. It's even slower than when mvportals loads up on the start of server.
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