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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by madtomic, Nov 23, 2017.

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    Plugin Name: AnvilEXPCheck

    Build with: PaperSpigot 1.12.2

    What I need: A plugin that would let the players know that they don't have enough experiences to enchanted an item in anvil.

    checkMsg: "&cYou don't have enough experiences to enchant that item."

    When I need it: as soon as possible!
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    Can you elaborate more? What does "xperiences to enchanted an item in anvil." mean, and how much xp do you need to do whatever that means. And should it take the xp from the player when they do the action?
  3. Anvils already have this when you try to combine two items...?

    Also - Do you mean enchantment table? You can't enchant in an anvil beside from using enchanted books.
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    What I meant was to combine an item with an enchanted book in an anvil. It will show cost that is the number that I want to check and notify the player that if they don't have enough experience levels.

    Check the Enchantment Cost: 4

    If player don't have enough, it would tell them they don't have enough experiences in the chat.


    Using anvil, combine item with enchanted books is what I meant.

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    Anyone could fill this request?
  6. Let me do some research about it.
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  8. Sorry, I've been too busy with school to do any coding lately besides for my class.
  9. Might try this.

    EDIT: Never mind.
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    If you do not have enough levels the anvil will display the cost in red... so why would you want a plugin that sends a message?
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