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    Plugin category: mechanics, pvp
    Suggested name: AntiShift

    What I want: I have a plugin , iprofessions, which has a thing that restricts certain jobs from wearing certain armors, but it can be bypassed by shift clicking armor into slots. the developer doesn't seem to care about this issue at the moment. but I need it fixed ASAP.

    I am wondering if somebody could make a simple plugin that prevents people from shift clicking armor.

    Ideas for permissions: player.shiftclick (bypasses it) not needed, but some devs want to have them.

    When I'd like it by: ASAP
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    Bumping again. I actually want it to prevent shift clicking anything, if possible.
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    I love you
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    Should work forever (Past/Future bukkit versions), Bukkit's normally good with that.
    And you're welcome.
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    i was going to make this XD it seems like fun but im too late.
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    The download link is no longer valid, could you send it again?

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