"Anti-Fail"-Command: no more 7socialspy etc.

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    i think you know this:
    you type in a command quickly and write a "7" instead of "/" so all players see this in ingame chat..
    i think its easy to make a plugin which does check if the first letter of a "command" or text is a "7"
    and it blocks this automatically or add a function:

    i write: 7socialspy
    and i get message from server
    "Do you really want to execute this command?"
    and i can type "yes" and then it executes this command
    if i dont write "yes" the "command/text" will be blocked

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    evilmidget38 Retired Staff

    How do you manage to type 7 instead of /? They're not exactly next to eachother or anything. A better alternative would be checking if it was a "." instead.
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    Yeah..How exactly do you pull off typing 7 instead of / on your keyboard? Wtf?
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    sorry i forgot to mention that im german and using the apple wireless keyboard:
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    evilmidget38 Retired Staff

    Okay, that makes a bit more sense.
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    Gravity Retired Staff

    Hey there. I thought this would be a great idea if it could be expanded outside the realm of it's original context, so that's what I did, and came up with a small plugin to block a chat based on Regex.

    You can download the plugin here: http://h31ix.net/plugins/RegexBlock-1.0.jar

    By default, it will block exactly what you said, any chat that starts with 7 and is followed by any number of characters. With the verify option set to true (default) it will ask the player to type "yes" or "no" to verify whether they want to actually type that into chat, with it set to false it will just block the chat alltogether.

    You can fool around with the regex setting in the config.yml file to suit your needs. Let me know if you need anything :)
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    Thank you! works great :)
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