Anti Craft God Apples

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by MoejoeAw44, Jul 9, 2015.

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    Name: NoGap

    Simple as the title states. I'm looking for a plugin that stops the crafting of God Apples also known as Notch Apples or Enchanted Golden Apples.
    If possible, please try to include a cooldown as I'll have to request that as another plugin if it's not included.

    cooldown: 180 #Time in seconds
    eat-gapple-during-cooldown: '&cYou cannot eat a god apple for another 2 minutes and 10 seconds.'
    eat-gapple: '&aYou have just consumed a god apple'

    Permissions: None :)
    Commands: None :)
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    Creating this now.
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    @MoejoeAw44 do y ou want cancel the craft or the eat ?
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    #AntiGap automatically generated configuration file.
    Cooldown: 180
    Cooldown-finished: '&aYou can now cosume another god apple.'
    Eat-gapple-during-cooldown: '&cYou cannot eat a god apple for another 180 seconds.'
    Eat-gapple: '&aYou have just consumed a god apple.'
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    @AsnoMigo For some reason the anti craft part of it won't work. :(
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    I did not code a AntiCraft part i thought as long as it would just block eating the apples it would work better for players, otherwise players will become confused.
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    Well it's needed for what my server is based around. There's a well detailed tutorial going onto the server so confusion will be minimal.
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    Decomplie his plugin in jd-gui and copy and paste it in eclipse or intellij if you don't know how to follow a youtube video.
    Took this from my NoGodApple plugin this is a great way to prevent crafting

        public void GodApple(PrepareItemCraftEvent event){
            Player player = (Player) event.getView().getPlayer();
            Iterator<Recipe> recipes = Bukkit.recipeIterator();
            Recipe recipe;
            ItemStack r = event.getRecipe().getResult();
           if ( player.hasPermission("2hash.gapple.bypass.craft") ){ return; }
            while( recipes.hasNext()  ){
                recipe =;
                if ( recipe != null && recipe.getResult().isSimilar(new ItemStack( Material.GOLDEN_APPLE, 1, (short)1 ))){
  9. there is a plugin, search nogod apple. simple
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    @Eos that plugin doesn't satisfy what I need. :(
    I need a plugin that has all configurable messages, configurable cooldown and the ability to disable the crafting of "Notch Apples" / God Apples.

    @mr_lesemancolton ^^^

    @AsnoMigo Please consider adding anticraft into your plugin as your plugin is absolutely perfect despite that 1 request.
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    Do you think you could make a replica of my plugin, or add the features I requested into yours? I currently use yours and the one this guy made me, the one this guy made has significant bugs (such as it's more of a cooldown on the interaction of god apples then the actual consumption).
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