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    Plugin category: Admin Tools

    Suggested name: Anti Admin Abuse

    What I want: A plugin that helps prevent admin abuse by using a system requiring admins to vouch for each other. This would allow servers to hire on more staff while decreasing the possibility of abuse. This plugin is generally aimed at larger servers.

    The features:
    1. The Admin X can not vouch for the Admin Y more than a configurable amount of times in a row.
      1. Admin X has to vouch for admins other than Admin Y a configurable amount of times or more before they can vouch for Admin Y again.
      2. Persistent remembering through restarts, with optional compatibility with MySQL and other database types.
    2. Vouch is retracted if Admin X or Admin Y logs out
    3. Optionally, a Timer for how long the vouch will last
    4. Optionally, Admin X vouching for Admin Y has to be a configurable distance near them at all times
      1. Could be specified in config file what requires Admin X to be near Admin Y
    5. Optionally, would work for both specific commands and permission nodes.

    Ideas for commands:
    /vouchme - Requests that someone vouch for them so they can access defined commands/permission nodes in the config file.
    /vouch <admin> - Vouches for a player that requested a vouch
    /unvouch <admin> - Retracts vouch for a player that the player executing the command has already vouched for, in cases of abuse and etc.

    Ideas for permissions:
    AAA.requiresvouch - Player requires vouching
    AAA.canvouch - Player can vouch for a player that requires vouching

    When I'd like it by: Whenever it can be completed.
  2. I don't really understand what you are requesting. Please clarify and I might help you
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    rcmaehl What is the purpose of it? You should be able to trust all your admins and should not need players/admins to vouch for them.
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    You can't combat admin abuse with a plugin.
  5. So you want a plugin, that allows players to consider if your trusted or not? by vouching them?
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    TreeDB, It's for the transition phase in which you trust the player, however you're not sure if you can trust them with admin/mod abilities yet. Maybe I'm just paranoid/schizophrenic however I've had a bad admin or two even with background checks.

    Jaker232, However you can possibly decrease the possibility of it. This is based on the same reasoning that two employees are required to escort a lost child and why most police departments assign two officers to a vehicle.

    GravedigginSearchBar, shouldn't really be players, more like existing long-time staff.
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