Question Animal Anti-Spam or Limiter (for WorldGuard)

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  1. Hallo guys. Im searching and searching, but i can't realy find what im looking for.
    The problem i have it that some user on my server love to go creazy with the animal breeding on theey Plots made with WorldGuard.
    That do laags (and also did already a server crash).

    So im looking for a Plugin hat limits the amount of animals inside a region of worldguard.

    I found sofar some anti-laag plugins, but they all only kill ALL animals and dont leave some. Since the user work hard to gain a animal egg to be able to have animals it would be just bad to kill all.
    We already buyed a lot better v-server so we can now have thousends of animals before laggs get realy bad and its almost impossible to crash server anymore. but thats juat a stupid sulution for now.

    So... yeah. I cant be the first one with this problem i guess, so i hope someone out there has a sulution for this or a perfect fitting plugin.

    I'm running a survival server from Bukkit on version 1.8.8.

    So, thanks in advance for the help and sorry for my bad english.
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    This was a plugin I made over a year ago. What this does is limit the amount of entities the spawn in a chunk. The limit can be modified in the config.

    If you need more features or configurable values for the plugin, let me know.
  3. Well, the regions are very close to each other. i dont want that they block each other if the chunk is already used by other player. Almost every every region share a chunck with a other one..
    Its almost what i was looking for... almost. But thanks.

    Most why i want for worldguard regions is because i have mobarena on my server. 2 of arena are big amout of monster to deal with. they would not work anymore if all chuncks will get limits. (one with zombie and other with animals and fun like exploding sheep - up to 150 monsters wich would be to much to allow on the plots.)

    EDIT: Coundt i set for example a point in the middle of a region (i would even input all coordinates with hand into config if needed) and say "from this point a square of (as example) 20 blocks only 20 animals are allowed to exsist?

    EDIT2: I just added and setup your plugin just to give it a chance... and it dont seem to work. Im sit there and shoot chiicken eegs (wich was main problem) and i am already way over the count i set up in config.
    Also still can breed pigs and such. And spawner dont get limit too. I use newest version of your plugin.
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