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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Lightcaster5, Sep 8, 2019.

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    Name: AnarchySpawn
    Version: 1.12.2
    Description: (Have 2b2t in mind) I run an anarchy server (which is currently down due to this problem) and players just love to place lava all over the spawn chunk so new players cant play. I'm looking for a plugin that will randomly teleport players (even if its a death, /suicide, /kill, or first join) it will teleport them within two set values that will be in the config. It will spawn them on the top-most block and will not spawn players on set blocks (example: water, flowing_water, lava, flowing_lava, diamond_block). If the player has a bed spawn, then that will override the plugin's random spawning. I don't need there to be a delay from when they die to when they get their new location just to make it easier. (I know this is more of a feature than part of the plugin but in the config add a way to change the no-permission message or disable it completely along with a teleport message)

    /aspawn reload - reloads the config

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    Bumpy Bump
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    Thanks, can you change the config to have a place for "disallowed-blocks" along with the option to set x & y coordinates for both edges of the spawn area. Thanks so much and I will continue using it until a new update is posted

    EDIT: After using it a bit more I see that the teleport isn't fast enough. Lets say there is lava in the actual world spawn... the player can get set on fire but then when the plugin kicks in it teleports the player between those values but the player is still on fire. Is there anyway you could make the teleporting faster or set the players burnTick to 0?
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    Ok I updated, I have not tested it, but it should work. The delay was by 1 tick, but with my current knowledge I cant change that because the teleport would not go through without being delayed after respawn. The player should not burn now.
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    Mathias Eklund

    @crazicrafter1 Set the players respawn point to the randomly generated location when they die.
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    @crazicrafter1 With my very little knowledge of the spigot API I changed the plugin a bit and used what @Mathias Eklund suggested. The plugin works fine now thanks to both of your help. Thanks so much. crazicrafter1 if you would like you can upload the newest version (v1.0.5) to bukkit where you had the old version at under your name just add me as a creator :p


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    ha wow, I just posted an update fixing that before seeing this... for random knowledge this does work with 1.14.4, so probably 1.13 too.
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