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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    Over the last two weeks, the Bukkit community has experienced some of the most substantial changes to the project since its inception. Multiple members of the staff, for various reasons, have chosen to resign. These staff are listed below, with links to their goodbye posts. Users on multiple teams are placed into just one by preference.

    The Bukkit Administrators
    EvilSeph - Honorable mention: Removed without chance to say goodbye
    TnT [tnt]

    The Bukkit Team

    The Bukkit Pull-Request Handlers/Bleeding

    The Bukkit Forum Moderators

    The BukkitDev Staff
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    EvilSeph and a few other staff quit before this special situation with Mojang was brought up and they had been worried about the EULA affecting Bukkit some and the community, which they spent a ton of working to help. It does has to deal with it some.
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    Welp, I guess

    R.I.P Bukkit, 1.1.2011 - 7.9.2014.

    It was a good run. Thanks everyone
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    No one forced anyone to leave, they all left, independently, on their own regard.
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    Bailey Payne

    Sucks to see all you amazing people leave, But I fully understand why.
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    Sometimes it's amusing to see people's conclusions and speculations. Every person that wanted to leave did this in their way, some, if not all, explained why they did and it is linked in this very opening post. How can ANYone still fall back to speculations as to why we are doing this?

    Take some time and read the posts, all of them. They have been linked here for your convenience <3
  7. That's... Strange. Are there some strange backgrounds with something like an argument with Mojang or anything like that? I don't think it's just coincidence that everyone leaves now. Anyway, now that we know who's left...
    Who's still there?!
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    Good bye the work you people put in the project and dbo is crazy, I hope you guys got still a wonderfull life.

    for any of my ealier speculations, I will take it back because it was really sadden me to post those on good bye threads and other smiliar ones and I'm sorry of that.

    actually after all it inspired me to read these good bye messages that reminds me this community really cares.

    anyways good luck!
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    Thank you all for all the awesome work! <3

    I hope the Bukkit project can recover from this great loss tho and start running again.
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    This is a major loss of talent, I feel sickened by recent happenigns that should never have happend for people to have to make these decisions.
    I wish all the developers the best luck in future projects, and I hope they pass on plugins to other developers to carry on their legacy.
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    Good luck to you all you, you made Bukkit amazing it's so sad to see it destroyed when things could of been so different esp now we know Mojang owns Bukkit.

    Maybe some help here and here might have saved it :(
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    in pepperonis
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    l8r everyone, hope you enjoy work for actual money lololol
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    thank you, thank you all so much for making SMP what it has been, i wish you all the very best wherever your lives take you :)
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    It saddens my heart to see many of them leave :( But I wish all the best to them all nonetheless!
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    Thank you all for your contributions over the last few years. I can sincerely say that Bukkit has helped shape me into the person I am today, and for the better. It has shown me that I have the capabilities to be a developer, and that I love the results that come out of it. I know some may not respect your decisions, feeling as if you owe them something, but disregard them. For most of us, you've been an inspiration and single-handedly made it possible to do the server work we've done over the course of Minecraft's popularity.

    Again, thank you. I wish you all the best of luck in your future.
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    I'm not going to comment as a server owner, rather as a person.

    I personally wish all staff that left the best and hope they will find something fun to do again.

    I know how hard it is to maintain something and keep things running, hell i've been playing on minecraft servers since beta 1.5 and been hopping from closed down server to closed down server till i started my own.

    Bukkit has been a saint in the giant pool of servers. it allowed servers to be unique and offer more/special things.
    I'm still sad that some plugins ./vanished (like one that had 4 classes, ranger, mage, warrior and something else)

    But i also get it from a admin standpoint that it might just be time for people to move on.

    I'm not sure if that dmca claim and all these bukkit members leaving will be the final nail in bukkits coffin.
    But we all got here for one common reason in the first place: We love minecraft, but vanilla starts tasting old.
    With this i mean that we're a community, hell if i knew how to java and c# (learning it atm) i'd start working on making api mod for vanilla minecraft that allowed bukkit plugins to be loaded. but i have no clue how to code :p )

    In short: Thanks and love to all bukkit staff members, past and present. and lets hope that (craft)bukkit won't die.
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    huh we should make a new server jar, would you help?
  20. Thanks to everyone who contributed to Bukkit.
    It's sad to see everyone go ;(
    <3 to all.
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    My official resignation letter~

    (pls read video desc before hating)
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    Thanks. I had a lot of fun with bukkit. I cant believe its over now. Bye and, once again, thanks for everything. :(
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    I give you all the fish that are on Earth for all the work. You changed my life, guys.
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    i actually feel sad. Bukkit was my main friend i could say to my server. used it all the time. went everywhere. loved the staff. now i feel sad...
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    I would want to help, but I haven't worked on a project that big before and don't think I'm experienced enough at the moment. If I learned more, I would be able to help significantly.
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    Do you have skype?
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    Yeah, my Skype is NewAlpha200.
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    This is the end of bukkit. Thanks for all the fun, you were great! :,)
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    The majority of the developers on Bukkit(Bukkit team, plugin devs, ext.) are moving to #Sponge. The planned project is already being planned and worked on by many talented devs(sk89q, TNT, Tux, and a lot more).
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    Bukkit WILL be updated to 1.8, there's also a suggestion that an official API will be released. No need for any minver right now.
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