An easy tutorial to begin plugin developpement ?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Astaen, Nov 14, 2011.

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  1. Hi ! :)
    I think the titles says all, I love bukkit (and Spout ! *o* ) and I would like to NOT depend of others developpers and others plugins.
    So if you have a good tutorial to learn especially plugin programmation on bukkit, can you give me some links ?

    I saw a lot of videos tutorials on Bukkit but I don't know wich is better, help me :p

    Thanks for reading.
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    as a beginner, I would recommend building off and editing already made plugins, just make sure you have the right editing program, then start building your own!
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    Also learning java is good step in the right direction
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    I've wanted to do that, but how do you get the source of a plugin?
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    Many plugins on Bukkit have a source link in their topic description on the Plugin boards (Releases, Submissions and Development). There are also a few plugins that provide a link to a repository on also containing their source. Also, if you're in doubt about the source for a plugin, it'll probably be worth asking the developer of the plugin for a helping hand, you're more than likely to get given help and guidance if you show a willing attitude and attempt to learn.
  7. If you just google 'bukkit plugin tutorial' you'll find plenty of tutorials.
    Also knowing Java before even attempting to do anything is really important.
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    learn java well first, then look into plugin development, it will save you a lot of headaches
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    i tried this to but after 2 hours i didnt get more then boredness so i quited en downloaded some plugins of others ;)
  10. It's a bit long to learn java isn't it ? =/
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    well you only NEED to get the basics down, though learning some algorithms and data structures would certainly help
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    First learn the basics
    Not that i make plugins ;)
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