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    Plugin category: schematics

    Minecraft version: 1.12

    Suggested name: Amnesia Map Building

    What I want:
    Hello, I'll come straight to the idea. who knows the game Amnesia knows what I mean, for those who do not know here the explanation. You should be able to set a startup space because you can see it in a GUI. Then you should be able to associate items with schematics so that this item in the GUI can be attached to the standard item that also represents the standard room and you can do that Connect rooms and walk through them.
    You should be able to build the Schematics and then use the plugin to load the items.
    it is also necessary to have a function for defining the entrances and exits of the individual rooms so that they fit together.
    Of course you should also be able to specify which rooms are compatible with each other.

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