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    plugin Request:

    Name: PermRegion.
    Features: Make Players max Influence for the region they are in, Make only People with a permission able to Build/Break in a certain region.
    Hey everyone, My name is Nick and I am searching for a plugin that I can't find Like i want it to be. I hope you guys can make this for me.
    The Plugin:
    i need to have a plugin to give Worldedit regions a Certain name, And a perm with it. PermRegion.(regionname)
    What this permission does Is when you have the permission, You are able to build withing that region. Don't you have the permission? You have to pay Like coins for building/Breaking a Block.
    Every minute your online, You get 1 Influence (point). If you have like 50 of them, You can brake a Block in a region where you don't have the permission of it.
    Door opening: 50
    Block breaking: 100
    Trapdoor opening: 50
    Place something (build) 120
    Extra part of my plugin.
    There must be a Custom Messages file in the config map. Where you can set the Deny message and more if you are not able to break, place or open anything becouse you haven't got enough influence.
    Also i need to have a Config file. Here Are all the Regions you have Made.
    Region name + If the Protection is: Off,On or Deny. you can fill in yourself.
    Protection Off: You can build/Break where you want in this region, Without the permission.
    Protection On: You can Build/Break or Open things in this Region. But you have to pay the influence Price for it.
    (Bypass for the people who got the perm)
    Protection Deny: You can't place or Break anything. It just can't. only people with the Permission of that region can Break/Place.
    As simple as that. I hope you guys will understand my request.
    I would be Very happy if this plugin could be made. Thanks a Lot,
    for the people who are intrested to make: Start confersation with me on this site


    Second Line: Max is Pay* Terrible Fail :p

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