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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by blok601, Feb 28, 2016.

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    Hello Everyone! Today I come to ask the community for a plugin that checks all the accounts on the specific IP address. Of course, I would like this so players can ban evade!

    Plugin category: AdminTools

    Suggested name: Alt Checker (Dev's can name whatever they way)

    What I want: I would like a plugin that would be able to check for all the accounts on a single ip address.

    Ideas for commands: /alts <player>| /alts <ip> if possible
    Ideas for permissions: altcheck.check | altcheck.bypass

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible, but take your time!

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    @blok601 Just a friendly reminder that often multiple members of a family have Minecraft accounts, and play together. Wouldn't want to ban the hacker's brother just because he's in the same household.
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    Oh yes, I am quite aware. In fact, my brother and I play on the same server all the time. This plugin would work like this. Player 1 is banned for hacking. Player 2 comes online immediately after and has the same IP address. He may be using his brother's account, but it's still bad evading.
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    So you want /alts <user> and it will list every player that ever have played on the server with the same ip only?
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    Yes please that would be great!
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    @blok601 I am working on this currently but I need to know what the altcheck.bypass node does. Does it stop the plugin from logging their IPs?
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    Correct! Thanks
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    @blok601 Still some bugs to fix, but it is usable. altcheck.bypass is currently breaking the plugin and I will get it fixed soon but in the mean time you can use the <REDACTED>. Do not mess with the config, as that is where the plugin stores player IPs and lists of IPs and who is on them. The command is /alts <player> and it will return a message containing the users IP (usually long and will have a domain name within it) as well as a list of alts accounts. The list will include ALL accounts on the IP (even the name you are checking), but that is not really a big deal. Not an incredibly easy fixes for that.

    This turned out pretty nicely so I might release this as a public plugin on BukkitDev. When I fix the altcheck.bypass node I'll update this post with dl link
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    Thanks, testing right now.
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    Alright. The altcheck.check node is given to OP's by default, but I can change that if you would like. The plugin can only store players who join the server after the plugin has been installed, so if you would like me to help you test with several different IPs without waiting for a player to join, I could.
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    Nope, I am good, works like a charm! I would have made this myself but I couldn't figure out how to get players' ip and such. Thanks again!
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    No problem! <EDIT by Timtower: Redacted mediafire> is a version with a working altcheck.bypass. Config list already created should still work. altcheck.bypass default permission is false meaning that you will need to add it using whatever permission plugin you have.
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