Allow some players to see "better" at Night, is it possible ?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by TrainYourBrain, May 7, 2011.

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    Just hough you might like another idea as well;
    Change the far-normal-short-tiny distance.. (If possible)

    Normal Players: Normal distance during day, tiny during night.
    Vampires: Short distance during day, far distance during night.

    I'm quite sure this isn't possible, but would be awesome if it where.
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    You need to send a chunk object, so the pseudo world is involved. :)
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    Alex Nolan

    Hmm, I can't seem to get it to work, the error is no such field "r".
    Then when I tried my own derivation of that:
    String s =;
    IDataManager idm = wor.p();
    long i = wor.q().b();
    WorldProvider wp = wor.worldProvider;
    World psuedo = new World(idm, s, i, wp);
    It encounters a strange error: [​IMG]
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    Are you using the latest build? I think I checked the fields to be named like in the latest sourcecode...
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    Alex Nolan

    Yep, using Craftbukkit version git-Bukkit-0.0.0-734-gaa4a5c8-b780-jnks

    It's strange, I see the r field here: but not here:

    So my method created a new world, but according to the error, when it is passed to chunk it wants it to be a world server:
    public Chunk(World world, int i, int j) {
            this.tileEntities = new HashMap();
            this.entitySlices = new List[8];
            this.done = false;
            this.o = false;
            this.q = false;
            this.r = 0L;
   = world;
            this.x = i;
            this.z = j;
            this.h = new byte[256];
            for (int k = 0; k < this.entitySlices.length; ++k) {
                this.entitySlices[k] = new ArrayList();
            // CraftBukkit start
            CraftWorld cw = ((WorldServer) world).getWorld();
            bukkitChunk = (cw == null) ? null : cw.popPreservedChunk( i, j );
            if (bukkitChunk == null) {
                bukkitChunk = new org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftChunk( this );
    So it looks like we have to make a new WorldServer, which just by the sound of it seems like it will be inefficient. Maybe a better way to going about doing this could be to extend the Packet51MapChunk, and just use the real world, but modify the data as our own packet takes it, not in a world.
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    Maybe if it is possible make vampires see living things better if it is possible at all. so humans and mobs have a coloured outline. I dono if this would be possible at all but would give a cool feel to the vampirism
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    Wow... Didn't think of that! That is probably a better way!
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    So, did you got this to work?
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    Wow what a grave digger....
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    Yes gravedigger, but it gave me an idea for a torch plugin (miners lighting?)
  12. Heres the simple answer. No. Bukkit cannot actually change any of the clients settings and/or render's, aside from potions. Read the sticky explaining what Bukkit can and cant do please :D
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    Oh ye of little faith! Anything is possible In the world of code!
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    Actually, as of 1.2.3, the client renders its own lighting, so maybe you can do this with Spout?
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    Works fine for me, without even having to clone the world :/

    Although I'm having trouble getting player's light level to go bak to normal

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    Dude, I'm way ahead of ya! Lanterns
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