Allow Certain Users to Use Mods but Not Others (Permissions for Mods)

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by charles9333, Mar 22, 2012.

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    Hi It would be incredible if someone were to make a plugin for me that let me choose who can use client mods. I love my speed and no-clip mods, but i have to make it so everyone who comes on the server can use mods just so i can. It would be great if what you would do is just add someones username to a config file, and then they can use mods, while no one else can. I would like this mod ASAP but if it takes a month i would still be happy with it. If there is already a plugin that does this, please point me to it,
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    Can't work and I'll tell you why:

    The issue is where the server lacks power over the client. The server cannot query the client for files, or go through the files, as it would be invasive and would hurt security. Also, for most mods there is no way to tell on the server side. You can setup checks like noCheat, but that is about the best the server can do at preventing/limiting mod use.
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    exactly as was said above, you can't control the client side. Period. What users choose to upload into their clients is their choice and cannot be stopped.

    However you can attempt to block some of these client mods (albeit not perfect) NoCheat is good for flymod, speedmod, extended reach, and a few other common client mods. In addition, an ore obfuscation plugin would do well to help prevent x-ray modifications (oreobfuscator) is what I use on my server.

    albeit, nocheat is now officially inactive and a replacement will likely pop up soon.
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