All overworld portals go to the same Nether portal

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Kyliathy, Feb 12, 2012.

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    Please, help me. I can't play Minecraft on my Bukkit server any more because the Nether portal system is broken.

    I'm running the latest version of Bukkit, for MineCraft 1.1. No matter how far my Overworld portals are, they all go to the same Nether portal ::- (. I wanted to build a fast travel system using the Nether, but apparently I can't do this in Bukkit ::- (.

    Plugins installed: Essentials, Vault and HomeSpawnPlus.


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    Do you have Multiverse? If you do, make sure to get Multiverse-NetherPortals.

    If that ain't it, remove all nether portals in overworld except one, and create it in the nether according to where you want it in the overworld.
    You can calculate where an overworld portal will spawn using coordinates. Multiply the nether coordinate by eight, or devide the overworld coordinate by eight.
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    I don't have Multiverse and I certainly DON'T want to create portals in the Nether to correspond to the Overworld. This is because I created 2 nice houses in the Overworld and I want to put the portals in an exact location in those houses. It's kind of annoying to use coordinates for something that should work ::- ).

    I want to create in the Overworld and have it at the proper location in the Nether, just like I would have it if I were using the standard Minecraft server. I see this as an extremely serious bug.

    And I say this with all the love for Bukkit. The server is awesome and allows me to use mods and great stuff! But please, fix this bug.
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    So I take it that this is impossible with Bukkit?
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    It's not a bug, and it's not related to Bukkit, and it's unfair to lay it unto them. Read the MinecraftWiki entry about Nether Portals.
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    Don't insult me. Do you think I've been playing Minecraft since yesterday? Do you think I'm a noob coming here asking for help before doing my research? Or maybe you never played Minecraft in single player? The one where you create 2 portals in the Overworld at 1000 distance from each other and they lead to 2 *DIFFERENT* Nether portals, which are closer, as the 1:8 formula provides? NEW PORTALS SHOULD BE SPAWNED, and ARE NOT. At least not on my server. Which is why I came here.

    You didn't get it. First of all, I just said that I'm not laying anything on them. Secondly, read what I wrote. Then maybe you'll understand that Bukkit does NOT work like the Wiki says. Or, there is some OTHER problem or maybe nobody told me how it should work.

    Since when asking for help means I'm laying anything on the Bukkit team, to which I have only but the utmost respect!? I was about to donate to this project, because I'm a fan of their work and I believe in supporting the software I use. But I can't even play on Bukkit because of this Nether issue.
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    I don't think you're a noob. I think you're an asshole. He's trying to help you, because he's right.

    I SUGGEST you get Multiverse & Multiverse-Portals REGARDLESS if you only want an Overworld and a Nether, and hook them up to force them somewhere. MineCraft is buggy and doesn't do what it 'says it should do' 100% of the time.
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    And you're calling me an asshole for what reason? First of all, he assumed I have no idea what I'm doing and secondly he assumed I'm blaming Bukkit. I'm not. And I'm not an asshole. I explained my issue politely and didn't insult anybody.

    Anyway... I installed Multiverse and after destroying/rebuilding some portals, it finally works.

    But I still think this should work without installing such a plugin.
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    Kyliathy, you are a very rude person and I hope you learn some common decency for your follow man some day.
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