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    Er, I just noticed something in the OP: It says we CAN have plugins that effect blocks and items? I thought plugins by definition COULDN'T change those things?

    Also, I could have sworn that making monetary offers was against the rules. Is it ok now?
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    true but donations are okay by free will?
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    How long do you estimate it will take? I don't need the plugin immediately, but it'd be nice to have soon after my server gets revived (hopefully I'll be able to do this by next weekend).
  4. I think your plugin will be about four days. I am currently busy with my school, so I can only start about week 13, i don't know if that is fine, if don't you have to find somebody else that can do the work.

    - Uniqueform :)

    Sound really nice, but isn't it already made at http://spout.in ?

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    I dont think there is one with your custom image.
  6. I did the work for you, searched a bit, and found this:
    It has the cape support, works with in-game commands. But it requires citizens, spout and the Spoutcraft client.

    Or do you want it to have the real players, and not NPC's wearing capes?

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    Please I really need that: I'd really need this one: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/req-duty.64340/ If you really have any chance of making it I will be really grateful to you!

    If you can just check it and tell me what you think and if there is any chance to be done by the summer
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    Yes i want normal players to wear capes.
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    Im sorry I dont know if your done but i dont want to for get to post so when you get to it.......
    Hello, my IGN is Thorgod im running a Bukkit server at 1.2.3-R0.1 and would love to have this plugin for my server it will give me chance to add a great first time user tutorial! And im sure other people will love this to anyhow i need it to be updated to my CraftBukkit build. I would do it my self but i am just learning how to java code.

    If you don't want to help but don't have the time and want to explain how to update plugins or have a video that would be great!

    Thanks to all that hep[​IMG]
  12. Hello people! I am traveling to Ireland, as I said in my first post, I will not accept or develop things while I am traveling..
    I will be back monday week 12.

    - Uniqueform

    It isn't
    Hello there. i don't think it's possible to make a video that explains how to update a plugin, because bukkit changes different things each update. And many things are happening. I can make a video of how to update some plugins, but that wouldn't be very informational, during the amount of plugins needed to be updated.

    - Uniqueform

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    Could you also make a plugin like nocheat because nocheat was discontinued and very buggy. Or could you make updates every time it's needed for nocheat and fix bugs.
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    Does anyone know what he's talking about when he says "week 11" and "week 12"?
  16. Currently it's week 12
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    Ok, if I recall, you said you'd start on my plugin on week 13 (or maybe you said you'd start on the others then, I forget).

    Does that start on Sunday (tomorrow), or when?

    Also, did you ever think of anything for the design issue I mentioned over the PM? (About people inflating their currencies and buying everything before people can react to the change in the currency's value.)
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    Are you still doing these plugins?
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    Plugin category: Economy

    Suggested name: EzPay

    A bit about me: I'm a server owner, & an addicted minecraftian. I don't know the basics of code, but I would love to see this plugin come a reality. I'm always trying to find cool plugins for my server here.

    What I want: I would like a plugin where a player can pay another player easily. The player should be able to set a time interval & an amount of money. So for example, say I made an apartment, I could ask for rent every day. Then it would be easy for the player staying in my apartment to pay me everyday.

    Ideas for commands: "/ezpay create [name of pay] [player] [amount] [time in seconds]" to request to pay to a player, name of pay would just be anything you want to call it so you don't forget, for example apartment rent, or mining salary. Also perhaps "/ezpay accept" so the other player can accept that he will get paid, this is to avoid potentially problematic situations. Also, /ezpay "[name of pay]" that could list the number of transactions for that ezpay. So if Bill did "/ezpay town_tax1 gold23 10 216000" this would mean that Bill pays me every $10 every hour. I then have to type "/ezpay accpet town_tax1" to accept this pay. Another command is "/ezpay cancel [name of pay] this would cancel the pay. To make sure he hasn't done this when I was offline, I type "/ezpay list". If town_tax1 is still on their, then I know he hasn't cancelled. Also, there is no way he can cancel and then setup the ezpay transaction thing again without me knowing, because I have to accept it.

    Ideas for permissions:"ezpay.option" same as /ezpay accept, & /ezpay cancel. "ezpay.create" same as /ezpay create. ezpay.list is /ezpay list. And ezpay.history.

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible, I'm aiming to launch my server on Friday April 13th. So hopefully by then.

    Additional Info: The plugin must be hooked into iConomy. Thank you. Also, I will love you forever.
  21. sorry people. during my school, i'm very delayed with the plugins. I hope i will be on track again soon.
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    Id like to privatley request a plugin. You will receive payment for the plugin. Perhaps a skype chat to discuss this?

    Excuse my extra post, but many of the plugins people have requested already exist. For example the pvp-bounty.

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    Do you have a estimate for a date on when you'd be accepting requests again?
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    Will I get my multiple currency plugin within the next couple of months?
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    Still can't wait ;)
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    I haven't heard from him since March. I don't think he'll be making our requests :(.
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    Yea and I needed this last year :(
    Still need it.

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