ahhhh im going to pull my hair out if i dont find a /help plugin

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by mrvertigo27, Oct 24, 2011.

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    i need a /help plugin that actually does something useful and does not require ME top write extensive documentation for every plugin i have

    anyone know of anything?
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    Been waiting on this for a while now. Seems like all help plugins either require you to write your own documentation, as you said, or requires all plugins to be compatible with it. Let me know if you find anything. ;)
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    lol /me goes waffle face!
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    You kind of have to write your own documentation since basically no plugins includes additional documentation/help. Some plugins add a bit of command descriptions which can be shown by plugins. I know PlugMan enables this. But remember it can't show anything that is not written in the plugin. How is it supposed to do that?

    If you are just looking for a plugin that allows you create help files/commands, then I can point you to my plugin Docmand
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    ok, so let me get this strait, i thought plugin devs wanted to avoid answering mundane and repetitive questions about simple features.... your telling me no one has thought of a way to bridge the functionality of each plugins /pluginname ? or /pluginname help functionality into a usable system? shouldn't documentation be a focus here? i know im over simplifying here but this is ridiculous! seriously help files (that are already available in game) need to be able to be linked in a usable way for the user...... i'm going to go take a bath in freezing yogurt until my head returns to its fleshy tone.......
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    I could create a helping plugin and people could just hook into it, and add their own help stuff... not sure if anyone would be interested in it though :p
    Well, i'm bored, so i guess i can make it!
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    it would seriously be nice if there were a standard help API that /help plugins could hook into within bukkit or even via a library like register for economy plugins..... this way help plugins could do their own thing but still have a standard.....
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    so... since your supplying an API for others to hook into, mind if i make a MAJOR usability suggestion? for the end user/admin/server owner?

    not being one to wait..... here it is, is there any way that this plugin can filter help results using permissions nodes available to the user. for instance why would a lowly user need iconomy results about creating money out of thin air? or worldedit commands they don't have access to? etc.

    Its probably a huge job however i'm confidant it can be done. and if this were implemented im sure it would become a favorite right off!
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    Admincmd 5.9.1 has /help in it, among other things.
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    Chunky has a built in command API which automatically has /command help and /command ? for any command registered with it. Perhaps they could be persuaded to make it a separate plugin with /help ?
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