Aggressive mob pathfinding.

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Goty_Metal, Apr 20, 2014.

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  1. Hi guys and thanks for reading :)
    I'm trying to make some hostile mobs follow a path, but seems that the Navigation methods don't work, other neutral mobs like cows, chickens, pigs, zombies... but not working with zombie pigmen, ghasts or spiders, any idea?
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    What have you tried?
  3. Actually i managed to work with zombies, etc, but is NOT working with spiders/cave spiders/zombie pigmen/ghasts, any idea?
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  5. I said in the first message, i used the navigation methods, and works for most of mobs except spiders, cave spiders etc
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    Goty_Metal What our dear friend Garris0n here is trying to say is "Please post your code so far, that we can more easily help you."
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    Just do you know, if Rocoty didn't tag me I probably wouldn't have shown up here until tomorrow (if it got bumped by somebody else) or possibly never. Hence my signature.

    Anyway, as elaborated above, please post the code you tried so we can attempt to explain what's wrong with it.
  8. Hi back guys, the code works because works for most mobs, so it's not my code problem, is the METHOD problem, the navigation doesn't work for those mobs so i need other way to route them.
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    Post. Your. Code. or stop bumping this. We can't help you if you won't post it.
  10. As i said it works for most mobs so the problem is not my code, what i need is ANOTHER way to make spiders etc (mobs not working with navigation) to work, anyway here's the code:

    1. EntityCreature ec = ((CraftCreature)en).getHandle();
    2. Navigation nav = ec.getNavigation();
    4. nav.a(x, y, z, speed);

    Once again, that works for villagers, animals, zombies blabla but DON'T for zombie pigmen, bossess or any kind of spider.
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    Maybe the mobs that "don't" work have a different path finding algorithm (Considering they do have different behaviour to normal mobs, it wouldn't supprise me) wich is called by a different method.
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    stop bumping goty_metal either post your code what will get you help or close the threat
  13. The code was posted 2 weeks ago... read the thread.

    That's why i'm asking for help, there must be another way for thos mobs.
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