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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Schlumpfpirat, Jul 30, 2011.

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    I would like to know if it is possible to run the Aether Mod on a multiplayer server.
    If so, how do I generate a world for it and do I just upload it, let everybody mod their client and that's it?
    Or is there any plugin out that is needed to run the Aether?
    I'd really like to know how it works, thanks!

    Regards, Schlumpfpirat
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    No. Not SMP compatible.
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    Not even if I create a SP world and upload the world to my server and everyone has the Mod installed?
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    Connor Mahaffey

    No it doesn't work like that. In fact, I very much doubt the aether mod will ever be for multiplayer.
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    Granted, I don't know too much about the Aether mod, but from what I understand of it, it's just a tweak in the terrain generation code, no? Sort of a mashup of the water-level in a normal world, the 'ceiling' of the nether, and the floating islands of the skylands? I'm sure the devs of MultiVerse or any of the other fine multi-world plugins could add the Aether terrain generation code, much like they did with the skylands code. Again though, I may have missed something about the Aether (or perhaps I'm grossly just over-simplifying things), as I've only seen a few YouTube videos, never actually used it. So please excuse me if I'm talking out of my ass. :rolleyes:
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    Connor Mahaffey

    It's possible to create an aether looking world (I think someone has already done it?) - but you can't port the mod over the multiplayer so easily. Someday it could be possible with BukkitContrib but it's just not there yet.

    The problem is that someone running the aether mod has a bunch of creatures, textures, and code the server doesn't understand. You have to code all these things server side too if you want it to work in multiplayer and that would be very very difficult and time consuming (and it wouldn't be a plugin either, rather you'd have to extract bukkit and mod class files).

    TL;DR - sky relm - possible; new blocks, mobs, bosses - not
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    Ah, I see, for some reason none of the videos that I watched actually showed these new blocks, mobs, or bosses for some reason, it was just the terrain. Yeah, if it's adding new blocks and mobs, not possible currently. I thought it was just arranging existing blocks in a different way. ;)
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    Connor Mahaffey

    That's fine, that's what I thought you meant ;)

    On an unrelated note, definitely check out videos of the Aether mobs, etc. they are really awesome!
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    ok, now how do i get craftbukkit software to use aethermod?
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    This is no plugin, download the mod for server, open craftbukkit.jar and install the files.
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    I'm sure you can't make it compatible by just installing it... Someone needs to adjust the mod for Bukkit
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    Bukkit dont support modding there jar, if you want to do it then mod the default minecraf_server.jar (You wont get suuport if you craftbukkit.jar is modded!)
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    You can modify the sources of craftbukkit just like you'd do with the minecraft_server.jar, there's no direct policy preventing that.
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    Im pretty sure bukkkit dont support/like that, am i right TnT ?
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    It's not their range of influency and it's not restricted in any way, nobody will hate you, though it's kind of against the aims of Bukkit. Just do it, if you wanna have this kind of server ;)
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    and just do it if you dont want support in Bukkit Help because they will ask whats plugins and the mod could be causing the error
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