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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by ImperialKris, Dec 16, 2015.

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    Hey! I have been searching through spigot, bukkit and on google for a good advertisement plugin but can't seem to find one. So this is my final stop, here at the Bukkit Forums. So if possible can anyone create an Anti Advertisement plugin which blocks all domains and ip's. I also ask that you add a whitelist and an option to customize messages for banning (they should get banned straight away for advertising anything outside the whitelist).

    When someone advertises I would like a message to broadcast to anyone with permission that the player has been banned.

    If you decide to make this and need more details, just leave me a comment and I will reply to it with whatever you need.

    Suggested name: iAntiAD

    What I want: Explained Above

    Ideas for commands: Maybe a reload command for the config file? Such as /iadreload

    Ideas for permissions: iad.admin - (Receive broadcast alerts) iad.bypass - (Bypass being banned for advertising)

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible, not a rush.
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    I'll fix this tomorrow! :)
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    Umm. I have a chat filter that you can add .com or what ever to the list and it will remove any string in the message. Tag me if you want it.
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    Thanks for the gesture but I want the custom messages etc.

    I know you're busy right now as you are constantly replying to posts but will the plugin be made today?

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    I'm working on another plugin as well so I haven't been able to look into it yet, sorry.
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    That's absolutely fine. As I said when I requested it, there is no rush.
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    BUMP - Does anyone want to make take over with this?
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