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    AdventureLand - An adventure map + plugin

    Version: Preview
    I've always enjoyed the typical adventure map, but I didn't like how it was all based on the honor system and how few maps actually had cool traps and such. AdventureLand is a map + plugin combo, that will eventually be released in episodes weekly/monthly (can't decide yet). I have spent quite a bit of time on the plugin side of things, and I already laid the base code for all of the episodes. The first Episode is in the works, and I wanted to release a short preview/demo to get some feedback. The storyline of the preview is nonexistent, but the goal is to get the redstone dust. Yes, we did copy + paste the Redmurk lighthouse.

    • AdventureLand Preview Plugin
    • AdventureLand Preview Map
    Config (open)

    A file called config.txt will appear at /plugins/AdventureLand. It will contain the following:
    #This is the AdventureLand config file.
    #Change the property below to false when you edit this file! IMPORTANT!
    #'WhiteList' below, only include the people that are allowed to join the server:
    #Define players in the actual advenure game below:
    #Overwrite the names given, put a unique number after each name. Max number of players is 6
    After you run the server and stop it you will need to edit the config and restart the server. Change firstrun to false. You need to add somebody to the whitelist by adding their name and =true, so username=true. If the player is also one of the Adventurers, you need to add them to the Player1 or Player2.

    A few screen shots of the demo are available here.

    The source code is included in the .jar (/me/captain/AdventureLandPreview/)

    Planned Changes
    Episode 1
    • Actual Plot + New Map
    • Release of preview
    More Info:
    I will also be releasing a base AdventureMap creator and a base AdventureMap player. These will allow certain added functions, like trapdoors, messages, starting areas, actual blocking of build/place, and more.

    [​IMG] To me to support my plugins :)
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    @Crash that's okay, I am really making it for experience/fun/just trying to see if such a thing can be executed elegantly.
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    This soooo Needs 5000+ move Views.
    Can you please update this for 818? Pretty Please?
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    @RazorFlint I'm pretty sure this works on 818, if not let me know. I am starting an actual map now, with real stuffs involved, and even though adventure mode in vanilla minecraft is coming soon, I am going to make a map maker plugin, for ppl to make the map easier, and a play plugin, to play the maps. (So things aren't limited to just one lame map like this lol)

    @RazorFlint Actually, I'm not working on Episode 1 any more. I sort of gave up on Adventure map creating, it isn't my cup of tea. But, I will be developing the two plugins starting today, so that other people can create their own awesome adventure maps and their users can play on them using the other version of the plugin. See the list below:

    In the works: The all new AdventureLand Dual Plugin Experience!
    Instead of being restricted to lame maps made by me, I am opening this up to the public to create the best maps evar! If you make adventure maps please read the list below, and if you just wanna play them read the list below that:
    Map Building/Creation:
    When building your adventure map you can take advantage of:
    • A waiting room / lobby for players to go when they first join the server, so that once everybody is there they can start the adventure together. This will be set with a command
    • Tons of sign functions, see below:
    • Signs triggered by pressure plates, I am including a few sign functions that are triggered by walking over stone/wood pressure plates with a sign 2 blocks under them.
    • Door locks, a [LOCK] sign 2 blocks under a door, and:
    • Door locks with a [ILOCK] sign 2 blocks under the door, which locks the door unless the player has a certain item in their inventory (anywhere), and triggers a message sign 1 block below the [ILOCK] sign
    • Door locks with a [HLOCK] sign 2 blocks under the door, which locks the door unless the player is holding a certain item in his hand, and triggers a message sign 1 below the [HLOCK] sign
    • Block id changers that are triggered by wooden/stone pressure plates with a [BC] sign 2 under them. The 1st line of the sign will be x y z and the second will be the block type to change it into. This works great for hidden trap doors, that can be closed again once the player falls though them (this can bee seen in the preview, in the campbell's house)
    • A 6 player list, which can act as a whitelist if need be, and will define who is which player, for teleporting purposes.
    • A message to show automatically when the server is ran for the first time, and goes away when the player restarts/reloads the server.
    • Death teleportation options, which include to their death location, to the lobby/waiting room, or to their specified start location (below):
    • Specified starts, which are defined by a command, that defines where the player will be teleported on the start of the adventure, and can be set to teleport them there on death.
    • A block whitelist (in my opinion more efficient than a blacklist in this case), which defines what blocks the players are allowed to place (as many as you want, default is clay).
    • When building your map, infinite items and instant break.
    • A whitelist for building your map, so that only specific players can join to help you build.
    • All of your custom configurations and locations will be stored in a file called:
    • And much much more
    Map Playing:
    When playing an AL formatted adventure map:
    • Easy startup configuration. Just add the players to the player list via the in-game commands or by directly editing the files
    • An unrivaled experience when playing the sure to be awesome maps made by people (i might even convert some well known adventure maps to the AL format as well).
    • Many in-game components that cannot be achieved in vanilla minecraft, if you would like to know more read the list above ;)
    • Cheating is disabled!!! LOL!!! No placing or breaking blocks unless the map builder says you can :p

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    Awesome! My buddy and I just recently discovered these "Adventure Maps" and we love it!
    Looking forward to a version of this plugin with many different "Adventures " =)
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    Looks amazing hope some adventure map creators pick this up, might be a good idea to spread the word on the minecraft forums in the adventure map areas :) Always wondered when someone would do this and it looks great
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    Lets just hope Minecraft 1.7 makes this obsolete. Dont get me wrong I just hope Minecraft 1.7 is about as awesome as this!! yay ;D
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    and why were they released by a total newbie instead of you? is this your smurf account?

    edit: Forget it. My bad. Didnt see the signature xDDDD
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