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    Plugin category: World Management

    Suggested name: Adventure Servers

    What I want:
    I want a plugin for Bukkit, to create have a command to start a vanilla server with an adventure map. The player who created the maps server should be an op, or the console can specify an owner (or the op). The server should be joinable to the players on a Bungee proxy.
    The server should be joinable by anyone until the map has the necessary players. Once the game starts, no one should be able to join.
    A player should be able to make a party, and add players to it. When the owner of a party joins a map, the rest of the party does, too. If you are in a party, you should not be able to join a map.
    A map is created in game by typing /as create. A guided walkthrough appears.

    Ideas for commands:

    • /as (main command, shows help and credits)
    • /as join [map name] (joins a game waiting for players)
    • /as join (joins any game)
    • /as start [map name] (starts a new game, waiting for players, and makes you join)
    • /as craft (makes a new map available, ingame)
    • /party (make a party for friends)
    • /party add [player name] (adds player to party if you are the owner. If you are not the owner, the owner is told "YourName suggested to add PlayerName to the party. Do /party accept to add them.")
    • /party join [player name] (Asks the owner of Player's party to add you to the party)
    • /party accept (Accepts /party join or /party add)
    Ideas for signs:


    1. Play:
    2. [Map Name]
    (Turns "Play" to a light green "Click to Play")

    Ideas for permissions:

    • adventureServer.admin | All permissions | Op Only
    • adventureServer.start | Permission to start an adventure server | Op Only
    • adventureServer.join | Permission to join an adventure server | True
    • adventureServer.craft | Permission to "craft" an adventure server | Op Only
    • Custom permissions per map | True
    Idea for "crafting" a map:

    When I'd like it by: Soon :).
    Vocab Ideas:
    • Craft (create a map template in game)
    • Start (start a map from the template)
    • Join (join a map waiting for players)
    <Edit by Jade: Unofficial builds>
    This does not have to create a new server... but make sure scoreboards work. If you can make interdimensional travel, and scoreboards work, do that. If there is an updated plugin that can do this, please tell me. Thanks!
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    We do not support Spigot or Bungee on the Bukkit forums.
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    Sorry... meant this for world management (but copied and pasted)... thanks..

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