Advanced Redstone Wiring: allow players to build rest one stuff with less hassle

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    Plugin category: I don't really know, I guess Utilities, Helpful features... idk what the categories are.

    Suggested name: Advanced Redstone Wiring: Less is More!

    A bit about me: Well, I'm a server owner trying to find things that will please my players and give me an easier time doing my job; whether that is building, enforcing the rules, or helping my players have a better time.

    What I want: I want redstone wiring to become a lot easier. here are some ideas.
    • by putting redstone dust under a block in a crafting bench (or inventory crafter thing) players get a Wired Block. This allows them to like a button or something to a door, having the wiring go though their wall, and not have the need of a three thick wall.
    • Wired Blocks will link together when going straight up and down, so there is no need for a spiral that takes up tons of space.
    • Wired blocks will not connect when the is one at one spot, and one 1 up 1 over, like redstone wiring is now. With them connected straight up and down their is no need for this.
    • Wired Blocks will have a smallish red circle in the middle of sides touching something that has to do with that block, for example a door, lever, button, other Wired Block, regular redstone wiring, pressure plate, piston, etc. (I am forgetting if there is anything else). If it is touching anything else or open air this will not show.
    • You should only be allowed to make Wired Blocks with stone, cobble, mossy cobble, stone brick, mossy stone brick, crashed stone brick, logs, planks, sandstone, dirt, bricks, and maybe wool.
    • Other suggestions welcome, I just had this idea stuck in my head and wanted to get it out and maybe made :)
    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin.

    Ideas for permissions:
    • ARW.craftanduse to give permission to craft, and place them wired blocks
    • ARW.dropwiredblock to get the wired block back apron breaking it with the appropriate tool (ie. stone wired block use pickaxe and you get stone wired block back, not cobble). if players don't have that then once the destroy it they only get the block back.
    • ARW.all gives players permission to all ARW commands.
    • ops default get ARW.all
    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible. Obviously not until the new craftbukkit comes out, but I don't know when that is gonna be.

    I just think this will bring a lot of new fun things to the world of minecarft. Preferably I would have this be a real feature of minecraft, but this may work out better because then I can give it to VIPs or something.

    Anyone who wants to add more ideas or suggests I am welcome to them! I want this plugin to be made and turn out good, so if you've got some ideas for it post 'em here and I'll take a look at them! Thank you all! :D
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    Is that what your looking for?
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    oops i had an auto correct in the title :p...

    oh is that a plugin? I'll look at it...

    ya i don't know what you mean

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    @HappyGrenades @elitecraft
    Redpower is a Mod, not a plugin. but i think you CAN actually get it onto a server. i think all the players will need the client version of it (correct me if i am wrong)
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    I've got no idea honestly, I just want the plugin :)...but if that is the case than that is too bad, I don't want to make my players get anything like a mod just to use one feature on my server.
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    Don Redhorse

    well you would need at least to run the spoutcraft client... so that you can support custom blocks..
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    I've heard of plugin developers working out news ways of doing it, like combining 2 diff kinds of block code, I guess that would be redstone and the block code. It was just talk, a few were saying they were experimenting with the idea, but I hope that is true.

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