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  1. Hello guys, I had an cool idea for an plugins i know it is possible is saw it before if a player die's he will come lie on the ground he's items won't drop if you click on him an inventory will open with the items in it what he has i hope it is possible :)

    Thanks <3

    Sorry my English isn't that good
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    Well, my Plugin LootSoul does this.
    Link in my Signature.
    However it is not a Person laying on the ground, it is just an invisible Skeleton with a Skull and a black dyed leather Chestplate.

    But I also dont think its possible to create NPCs which are laying on the ground (correct me if im wrong)
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    Fairly certain this is possible with NMS, but obviously like all NMS this would require a lot of updating and maintaining.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    ProtocolLib? :p
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  6. Nice! but an npc that is lying on the ground will be even cooler I've some code for it :)

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    No problem. Please mark this Thread as Filled then.
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