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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Y1ght, Jan 20, 2019.

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    Plugin category: Fun

    Minecraft version: Bukkit 1.13.2

    Suggested name: Advance-Phones

    What I want: Hello, this is what I'd like to the phone plugin to have, I know there are other ones are there but none of them are what I want.

    I'd like a phone plugin where there'd be 3 type of phones, Basic Phone (Gray) Advance Phone (Green) and then, Rich-Kid Phone (Gold) These all act a bit differently, have cool things in it. Right clicking the phone would open a gui, in the gui there'd be a row of things, The first being contacts. When you click contacts you'd be able to add a contact where then it'd say in chat "Please type a name of the contact you want it to be" (name of person, etc..) Then after it'd say "Please type the number of the contact" Then you'd type it in, after that it'd say "successfully added into your contacts" How you'd get a number, when you join the server, your player id would be given on it on join, but you wouldn't be able to do anything without the phone, so you'd have to get the phone through creative, (meaning it'll have to be a certain item) I'd like there to be a default contact saved called (The Police Department) Number being 119. What else is in the gui would be some mini-games, then a "camrea" option where you could take a picture, so it'd make it where you could take a picture in game, and it wouldn't be considered as meta gaming. How'd you get the number is via typing /phonenumber or right clicking and then opening the gui, contacts and my profile and it'd list your number in there which you could left click, and copy it or it'd say in chat.

    Ideas for commands: /call number / contact name | /phoneadmingui (if you want to make it where you can get the phones in a gui) | /phone picture (it'd take a picture and say in chat username has taken a picture with a flash) /contact add name ; then type number after | /contact list

    Ideas for permissions: phoneadmin.gui | | phone.contactadd | phone.contactlist | phone.picture | phone.number

    When I'd like it by: this week or two.
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    Okay couple things.
    1. How is the picture taken? You cant force a player to take a screenshot or know if a player took one since it is client side.
    2. Gray, green, gold? Is this just detail of how you gonna make the texture for it? Im guessing you just want the developer to let you choose the items for each phone tier
    3.minigames in the phone? What kind of minigames?

    Besides that everything else is understandable
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    1. It's a roleplay server, they're going to have to take their own picture in minecraft so that would be less of a problem of meta game.

    2. Mhm, the items will be, 351:8 (blue : blue instead of gray phone) 351:14 (red dye instead of gold : red phone) 351:10 (Lime Dye ; Green Phone)

    3. The person making the plugin can decide, they're the one making it after all, just like any type of mini games, and a total of 5 mini games if possible.
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    Oh so the picture is fake. The chat says they took a picture but nothing really happened.
    And other note. I dont recommend using item ids since they are gone. You should start using their actual name since its 1.13.2
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    Oh, alright thanks for telling me, I wasn't aware, so blue would be (minecraft:light_blue_dye) red would be (minecraft:rose_red) and green would be (minecraft:cactus_green)
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    bump he never said he'd work on it ;p
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    bump skump idk dudeump
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