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    WorldSaver - Schedules Backups and Saves:
    Version: v1.4 (1.1-R4)

    This plugin will save all active worlds on a schedule and also back them up. This originally started as a small project for a server I play on, and I guess I went a little overkill and made a full-out plugin, so I went ahead and decided to release it here. My first plugin, I appreciate feedback! Making a page right now.

    • Force a save of all worlds (does not affect scheduled saves)
    • Force a backup of world (does not affect scheduled backups)
    • Schedule saves of all worlds
    • Schedule backups of world
    • Get the current date/time of the server
    • Save Plugins folder [without .jars to save space]
    • Save Plugins folder [with .jars]
    • Warning message before save/backup
    Download the plugin HERE

    Source Code:
    Released under

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    /ws help [page#] (Shows help for worldsaver)
    /ws forcesave (forces a world wide save)
    /ws forcebackup (forces a backup of the server
    /ws setsaveminute [#of min] (set the save interval (minutes))
    /ws setbackuphour [#of hours] (set the backup interval (hours))
    /ws saveroutine (toggles save routine on/off)
    /ws backuproutine (toggles backup routine on/off)
    /ws servertime (returns the current time of the server)
    /ws forceoptionssave (Forces a save of WorldSaver's options)
    /ws reloadoptions (Reload's WorldSaver's options)
    /ws viewoptions (Shows current settings for WorldSaver)
    /ws plugininfo (Shows plugin details)
    /ws optionsdefault (Set options back to default)
    /ws autosavemanage (Toggles whether to let worldsaver manage the /save-off /save-on of all worlds (When enabled and a saveroutine is on, it will turn /save-off otherwise if there are no saveroutines, it will /save-on automatically)

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    None yet! Only ops can use it, hopefully I will have it next version.

    For next version...
    • Max number of backups to keep
    • Proper permissions (not just Ops)
    • Stop server on next backup
    • Implement the disable command in the config
    Change log:

    Version 1.4
    • Backups improved
    • Editable messages
    • Some other stuff I can't remember
    Version 1.3
    • Options now accessible from config.yml
    • Ingame savepluginfolder(all) command rempved
    • Changed togglesaveroutine and togglebackuproutine to saveroutine and backup routine
    • Added options in config.yml for turning on/off broadcasts messages
    • Exclude worlds options in config.yml
    • Exclude plugins options in config.yml
    • Fixed a stupid mistake where it would backup the plugins folder for as many times as active worlds you have (Should mean a big difference if you have multiple worlds)

      Version 1.2
      • Delay between broadcast message and save/backup
      • Set options to default /ws optionsdefault
      • Now saves players PROPERLY
      • Send important warning to online Ops
      • Let WorldSaver manage /save-on and /save-off
      Version 1.1
      • More organized commands
      • Now saves/backs up all active worlds
      • Ability to save Plugins folder [with/without .jars]
      • /ws viewoptions feature
      • Better timestamps
      • Broadcast message (possibly lol) fixed
      • Checks for outdated options
      Version 1.0
      • Release
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    Cannot use this plugin -> i used backup world and it says : backing up "world" <- my world has a different name
    option to change name? in settings
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    1.1 will have that, I'm finishing it up now, check in 15 or 30 minutes :)

    1.1 woohoo many improvements

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    Running it on my server great plugin, lightweight and efficient. Been looking for a plugin like this for ages, thank you for letting me beta test this. :) Looking forward to see what new features and improvements you make to this plugin.
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    New update, several bug fixes and 2 new helpful features
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    Possible conflict with Websend /ws i will try

    My Options.txt ???
    Good job, unfortunately my server stopped responding briefly during a forced backup, maybe the fault is the large amount of data in some plugins, like dynmap.

    I suggest some options:
    disable some worlds backups
    disable backup of some specific plugins (Folder inside plugins)
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    Okay, first of all the command /ws, well, I'll figure something out.
    Second, I have an idea about the not responding problem, as you guessed the backup is throwing everything out of the way and putting itself first, so I'll try and slow the process down a little.
    Third, disable some world backups, im not sure I understand? /ws setbackuphour [#] will backup every # of hours.
    Fourth, I'll do it, but it will take some time.
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    When i say "disable some worlds backups" I mean, disable backup of some specific worlds.

    EXAMPLE: I have 4 worlds, WORLD, INFERNO, RPG and CITY but i don't need backups of RPG world
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    Ah, can do.
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    Nice thanks currently using this, is it possible to only backup worlds to the same folder and then it overwrites etc?

    I'm using this because I use a ramdisk so the world will need to be backed up just in case the server shuts down.
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    Will be in next version, adding max number of backup so just set it to one.
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    Awesome can't wait.
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    Please upgrade to latest RB
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    Title needs to be [ADMN] not [Admin]
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    Also, it is highly recommended that you create a page on because eventually the plugins on will only show pages from BukkitDev ;)

    What is recommended is that you create your page their and use this page as a redirection

    Also, MediaFire downloads are discouraged
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    This plugin saved my life.
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    Finished new update, I felt like it would be best to release this without the maxbackups feature because I was already a version behind and had spent so much time on it already. Check the change log for new features!
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    Very Nice Plugin Testing it!

    Works Fine! But can you add this feature like,i have 3 worlds 'World,World_Nether,Halloweenie'
    can i disable save for Halloweenie?

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    Uh, in which folder does it saves the backup?
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    Yes, once I release next version which will probably be next RB

    In the same folder as your bukkit under "backups"
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    My server doesn't have access to outside than the minecraft dir. Therefore this plugin is unusable for me.
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    I'm sorry
    I'm sorry to hear that, in the next RB I will try to make the path custom. Did it give you an error like [WorldSaver] Blah blah or did it give you one of the long 10 line errors?
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    Indeed, non-writable directory by the host.
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    I'm just wondering, does this plugin save all the files every time it does a backup or does it use an incremental backup system?

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    How to set how many backups I want? like its possible to set max X backups, then olders will be deleted automatically?
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    It is possible to get info, when save/backup was not complete.. maybe due to disk space?
    I see only 2 backups.. instead of many of them..and I dont know why :(
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    when will '

    • Max number of backups to keep'
    feature come out?
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    Where do the worlds get saves to
  29. It would be very nice to be able to customize the broadcasted messages when saving / backing up. (For other languages etc.)
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    I have big problem. Worldsaver backup server randomly.. sometime 2x per day.. sometime 1 per day.. and in random hours.. why ? Im on CB1447

      Disabled: false
      Version: v1.3
        RunSaveRoutine: true
        RunBackupRoutine: true
        saveEntirePluginFolder: false
        savePluginData: false
        HoursBetweenBackups: 6
        MinutesBetweenSaves: 30
        AutoSaveManage: true
        CheckExcludeWorlds: true
        CheckExcludePlugins: true
        BroadcastOnSave: true
        BroadcastOnBackup: true

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