[ADMN/WGEN] Spade and TerraBukkit - Terrain Generation Plugin and an API [766]

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by N3X15, Mar 28, 2011.

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    Bukkit just completely re-implemented this patch in their own way, so don't bother using this.
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    Any plan to make spade compatible with with official builds? Currently spade is a fairly easy way to implement more types of environments. Also, some of the environments included are quite cool.
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    I can't unfortunately, Bukkit pretty much has a slightly modified version of this, and since the API function signatures and backend are different, I can't make them compatible.
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    I love your dungeons :D mind if I use them?
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    do i run this instead of bukkit or do i run it like a plugin? or do i extract the files into bukkit like you would for a mod for normal minecraft server jar
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    Works with Bukkit #953? :)
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Obsolete in CraftBukkit 953.
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    Updated to CraftBukkit 1000.

    Runs, but with significant memory leaks.
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    Obsolete? Bukkit has customizable terrain generators?
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    Yes, for a while now.
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    This runs in CraftBukkit 1000 without patches (by using standard Bukkit features), but I'm receiving a lot of memory leaks.
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    So I'd download spade, stick it in my plugin folder, then set it as a world generator in my bukkit.yml? Care to share an wikis or configs for spade?
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