Inactive [ADMN/WEB] myBukkitAdmin v.9 Beta - Administer your Bukkit Server from the web *NEW INFO* [1337]

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    Minecraft Server Manager - Full featured administration software for your Minecraft Server. Web Administration, Backup, Permissions, In-Game Commands and More!

    Updated: 11/14/2011
    Version: v.9b [jar]
    CraftBukkit: [b1337jnks]
    myBukkitAdmin adds the ability to view and modify your server and plugins via a website. This plugin is fast and easy to setup.​


    Get updates on TWITTER!

    myBukkitAdmin is still in a beta phase. Let me know if you have any issues let me know.

    Installation and Usage information available at
    Bukkit has requested that I stop receiving donations to allow the community to be a part of the beta, so as of today beta keys are no longer available. The cost to run this service is more than I can afford to bear on my own so if you would like to keep this service around and see v1.0 released please support this project by sending us a Donation

    With the release of v.8b a file will be created called monitor.jar. This program monitors your bukkit server and restarts it if the server crashes or the /restart command is used. If you choose not to use the monitor program, you can disable the monitor by adding or changing the line within /plugins/myBukkitAdmin/config.yml to say
    monitor: false

    If you have a beta key:
    1. Goto
    2. Create an account using your Beta key
    3. Check your e-mail for activation message
    4. Click Activation link, login using your username, password and activation code from e-mail
    5. Create a server by clicking "Add New Server"
    6. Type in Server details including a unique Privacy Key
    7. Download the latest version of myBukkitAdmin from the Account Page or Link above
    8. Install it on your server and start your server up
    9. Open config.yml in the plugins/myBukkitAdmin folder on your server
    10. Type in the Username you created to login to
    11. Type in the Privacy Key you created for this server
    12. Reload your server
    13. Win!
    If I missed anything or if these instructions didn't work for you, please let me know so I can adjust accordingly. The installation instructions @ will be undergoing some reformatting soon, hopefully this helps until then.


    Thanks and Enjoy!
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    You're welcome :)
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    Does this work with Hamachi servers?
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    I have never used hamachi, but I believe a few of the beta participants are currently using Hamachi

    The duration of the Beta. Lifetime licenses are available though.

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    whery bad that this plugin is not free.=/
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    hey it saying it not up to data and do u have link for the web
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    Can you post the rest of the exception details?
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    Cameron Auber

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    Where would you buy such a thing as a lifetime license?
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    There is a link within the Account Admin page under subscriptions. Or, you can click here
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    And thats not the full package, is it?
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    The full package?
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    You mentioned earlier, I believe, you'd sell it under multiple subscriptions
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    The lifetime license is available for advanced administration including all current and future features. The community portal would not be included because there are other costs associated with that section and still quite a bit of development left to do.
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    Sorry to ask but what is the Community Portal? Didn't find any serious information on it.
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    The community portal is a set of online tools that helps you develop a community around your server. It gives you a webpage to post information about your server, a forums, and a few other cool interactive features that allow your members to interact with each other and your server.
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    I want to do this.
    When some default people get 1 egg, when they automatically changed to the nomal group.
    Cun you add this?

    And I want to know this can edit whitelist.

    and this support korean at console?

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    So basically it is for people who aren't tech savvy? :p I am using Invision Powerboard, Blogs, Gallery and such, so I have a feeling I won't be needing that ^^
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    Sort of. I hope to offer something of value to everyone :) but yea, kind of gives a unified source to accomplish a lot of different things

    This would be outside the scope of the myBukkitAdmin project

    Currently this does not allow you to edit the whitelist, though it is a feature that you will soon be able to take advantage of.

    I am not sure on this one. The plugin reads your console and sends it to my servers. If your console is in Korean, I believe that it would send it to my servers in Korean and then be displayed that way. If not, multi-language support is a major item on my to do list and I would be glad to develop in conjunction with server owners to make sure that it works well.

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    I will buy yours. When you add the whitelist.
    And also Koran console . Try with this~! 이것으로 실험을 하세요.
    안녕하세요. 반갑습니다.
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    Is there an estimated release date ??
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    Not at this time. When I get closer to finishing I'll have a better idea when it will be done

    Any final last minute requests before v.7b release? I will add more carriers for SMS before I release it.

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    Your Plugin sounds really great, but i don't know, why it is better than milkAdmin.
    Could you post a example website to see how it works
    I really want to get this plugin, but i want to test it out, before i pay money.
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    I've never used MilkAdmin personally. I'm not in the business of being better than anyone, I create things I find useful and share them. I am going to make videos to show the different aspects of the plugin as well as outlining how it operates. You should start seeing those after I finish up v.7b this week.

    The plugin will be available to the public once the beta phase is over. Currently, I do not have the infrastructure in place to accommodate everyone. It is another thing that I need to work on hehe
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    I have donated hope it helps :D
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    Yes it does, tyvm!! Sent your key to your email
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    Will there be a real console for commands and stuff in 0.7?
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    Not in v.7b I am still working on developing how it will all work out.

    SMS carriers added as well as a test alert. Let me know how it goes. There are a few sms carriers that I will need to adjust, but I am unfamiliar with any of the cell phone numbers from any country other than the US. Any help getting those sorted out would be appreciated greatly. Send me a PM if you want to do some testing.

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    I donated. Hope to get a key soon :) This look like a very good plugin.

    Thanks SO much. This Is a very good plugin!

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    jennie2.5 is NOT a safe site. Serveral pages is sqli vulnerable. Example: first post on this treath say:
     Erorr: INSERT INTO `MyMcHosted`.`serverinfo`(`hostedid`,`servername`,`serverip`,`serverhostname`,`paid`,`serverport`,`privkey`,`hosteddns`,`hostedname`)VALUES(19,'Hillage's Server','','',0,'25565','[--------]',1,'hillage'); 
    Later, poster found out that it where the ' sign which caused the SQL to break. What also could have done, where to copy the rest of the error and paste it behind the word "Hillage". This would allow anyone to acces anything of the database holding all of your servers - passwords to stuff you have PAID for. Also the login-page is vulnerable, and could allow a attacker to access any useraccount. (But this page does not output a detailed error like above). Another page is the one which allows people to recive password details to their email - could also allow someone to access database, send emails with users passwords or spam (/DDOS) any with a mail. I have not tested the software which bukkit connects to. Last, heres a nice quote: Question: ----- its bs and is not worth it also it could be insecure ----- Authors answer: ----- Which could be said for all internet traffic. I'm sure Sony would've appreciated your comments a few months ago prior to their security breach. Speaking of which, all passwords are encrypted and stored securely as well as all private keys - which are required to establish communication with each specific server. ----- A fact: You know how Sony got hacked? It where a simple SQLI attack, because they even have a very basic security - you don't have that either. Btw. awesome that you made this mod. I just don't like that you take money for something in-secure.

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