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    Minecraft Server Manager - Full featured administration software for your Minecraft Server. Web Administration, Backup, Permissions, In-Game Commands and More!

    Updated: 11/14/2011
    Version: v.9b [jar]
    CraftBukkit: [b1337jnks]
    myBukkitAdmin adds the ability to view and modify your server and plugins via a website. This plugin is fast and easy to setup.​


    Get updates on TWITTER!

    myBukkitAdmin is still in a beta phase. Let me know if you have any issues let me know.

    Installation and Usage information available at
    Bukkit has requested that I stop receiving donations to allow the community to be a part of the beta, so as of today beta keys are no longer available. The cost to run this service is more than I can afford to bear on my own so if you would like to keep this service around and see v1.0 released please support this project by sending us a Donation

    With the release of v.8b a file will be created called monitor.jar. This program monitors your bukkit server and restarts it if the server crashes or the /restart command is used. If you choose not to use the monitor program, you can disable the monitor by adding or changing the line within /plugins/myBukkitAdmin/config.yml to say
    monitor: false

    If you have a beta key:
    1. Goto
    2. Create an account using your Beta key
    3. Check your e-mail for activation message
    4. Click Activation link, login using your username, password and activation code from e-mail
    5. Create a server by clicking "Add New Server"
    6. Type in Server details including a unique Privacy Key
    7. Download the latest version of myBukkitAdmin from the Account Page or Link above
    8. Install it on your server and start your server up
    9. Open config.yml in the plugins/myBukkitAdmin folder on your server
    10. Type in the Username you created to login to
    11. Type in the Privacy Key you created for this server
    12. Reload your server
    13. Win!
    If I missed anything or if these instructions didn't work for you, please let me know so I can adjust accordingly. The installation instructions @ will be undergoing some reformatting soon, hopefully this helps until then.


    Thanks and Enjoy!
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    I was wondering, i am pretty popular on youtube with about 10,000 views in total( heres my youtube link: ) and made some bukkit plugin tutorials (heres one i made scroll down to the middle of the page : ) and was wondering if you could give me a free beta key and i would make you a youtube video on how to install and use your awsome plugin. I would pay for this then send you the video but i dont have a paypall or credit card. Wouldent it be nice to have a video explaing everything? Please take this into consederation. Thanks again and love the plugin its the only one of its kind :)
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    Aight, Donations been sent. Please give me my code ASAP. Thanks :)
  4. Oh my goodness I would pay hundreds of dollars to be able to turn my server on from the internet and leave it on. PLEASE ADD THAT :D IM SURE ALOT OF PEOPLE WOULD HIGLY APPRECIATE!
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    i dont get it so you want us to pay to use your control panel, why dont you just make it so we can upload it to our own site and run it? I would never pay anyone to use a CP
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    i read your website and i think that you should pay once for the site
    why is it that you have to spend extra cost?

    is it internet? your site has such a big flaw

    thanks for your mod[diamond]
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    When the Beta will be finished and myBukkitAdmin free?
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    Definitely a feature that is in development.

    The server that hosts the remote interface costs me on a monthly basis. Each server that the website serves increases the cost to me to keep the server running.

    What type of flaw did you find with the site?

    I have been working on the 1.0 release for a while. The difference between .9b and 1.0 is a major overhaul and optimization as well as additional features. Still have quite a bit of work to do on it, but now that the holidays are over I will be able to devote quite a bit more time to development. At least until the baby comes anyway.

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  9. My god! THATS EXITING! Not tring to rush such an important plugin develeper but how much longer till you think that might be added?
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    Donated. :3
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    How do I get the beta key?
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    can u send the key to [email protected]

    is is mymchost work now???

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    DigitalTyrant is currently functional in Beta. The Beta is currently closed and public registration will resume when I am finished with v1.0
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    Does this allow you to enable or disable plugins temporarily? I need that functionality to make full use of one of my plugins.
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    That it does.
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    If I purchase a beta key, will it work for both my main server and testing server?
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    Yes, You can have multiple servers with 1 key
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    will there be in an app
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    This plugin can be used to collect privacy or security related information.
    All data sent is flowing through servers.

    Iam not willing to support this.
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    Yes. Once development of v1.0 is behind me, I will start on an iOS app.

    Our privacy policy is located at and is posted on every page therein.

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    Will the app be free to users of the plugin?
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    im having issues i cant find my monitor.jar file and i did put true for monitor
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    Please send PM in key.Thx
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    We are waiting :D
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    I have to wonder. Is there any actual need for the website end of this plugin be hosted on your server? Wouldn't it be significantly cheaper for you to offload that onto the user to put it on their website?
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    Why can't we have the option to host this ourselves? I have a perfectly capable web-server that I have full root access to and is professionally hosted. If you wanted to not spend so much on your own hosting/maintenance then let the people who are really cheap and really want this to self-host by giving us the php files ect? Please consider giving out the php files? :)
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    I'm wondering this too.
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    Can you make a beta account to see the feature on the website? Cause i dont want to pay for nothing, i found 2-3 plugin which do the same thing.
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    I made a donation through paypal, not yet received my beta key.

    email [email protected]
    Kleberson ribeiro almeida

    I hope to answer. thank you
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    What if i donated but didn't received my key?

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