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    Over 100,000 servers have used Buycraft over the last 2 years.
    What is Buycraft, and why does my Minecraft server need it?
    Buycraft enables you to sell in game items/memberships to your community, allowing yourself to fund your server bills to keep your Minecraft server alive. Buycraft is basically an online shopping cart system for your own server!​
    How will my players use Buycraft?
    After you have created a Buycraft account, you are given an online webstore which you can use to promote your items for sale. Your players will visit this website and be able to purchase the items that they want, be it a collection of armour, or a monthly VIP membership.​
    What can I sell to my users, and how?
    Buycraft enables you to sell ANYTHING to your users, from a collection of armour upgrades, to monthly VIP memberships. When a player purchases a product, it is automatically processed on your Minecraft server, and removes all hassle of managing payments by yourself. All these different options will take the worry out of funding your Minecraft server.​
    Some of the awesome features available:
    • Create donation packages which can reward your players with anything you imagine.
    • Setup advanced packages for memberships ranks, with support for automatic Paypal subscriptions.
    • Many Payment gateways supported! (Paypal, Stripe, Google Wallet, Paymentwall, 2Checkout, Onebip, Paygol, Payza, and Coinbase.)
    • Coupon codes to offer discounts to your players.
    • Run promotional sales to gain attention to certain donation packages.
    • Cumulative ranking to enable your players to upgrade their ranks.
    • Custom variables to offer advanced customisation of your packages.
    • Detailed donation statistics to see how well your server is performing.
    • Multiple webstores per account, with the ability to create sub accounts for your other moderators/administrators on your server.
    • Advanced fraud protection to prevent chargebacks.
    • Webstores available in over 8 languages.
    • You can change your webstore theme and even integrate it into your own website.
    • Everything is hosted by us, resulting in a hassle free and inexpensive way to run your own webstore! The Buycraft platform is updated regularly with many new features added each month.
    Have a feature suggestion? Post it below!

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    I'm working on starting up a MC sever and I want to use BuyCraft.
    With the free membership, I can only do so much. Like only create 1 category and have 5 active packages.
    I plan to have way more then that, but I don't see why I should buy premium membership, before my server is even running. I see why it is nice to you, since it is money in your pocket (no blame at all!). But still, It could be the one thing that turns a possible costumer away.

    So my suggestion is to be able to enable some kind of "Test mode" with Free membership, when setting up a shop for a new server. The ability to create and setup the shop with no limitations, except that you won't be able to make any money from it, and the sever commands don't get executed. You just get a dummy text in-game, like "[BuyCraft Test] - Package name test complete". So some kind of simulated dummy shop.

    When the server is ready to launch, I can then buy BuyCraft premium membership, change from "Test mode" to "Live", with the ability to launch the shop setup I made.

    If you think this is way to much work, just to give possible customers the ability to set up a full shop setup for free, you could sell it as an one time buy, account feature.

    I hope you like my idea :D
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    I agree, it's a bit too much asking to buy this, when there are loads of others that do better ( no offence ). For example, Enjin. Free website as well! :)
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