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    Over 100,000 servers have used Buycraft over the last 2 years.
    What is Buycraft, and why does my Minecraft server need it?
    Buycraft enables you to sell in game items/memberships to your community, allowing yourself to fund your server bills to keep your Minecraft server alive. Buycraft is basically an online shopping cart system for your own server!​
    How will my players use Buycraft?
    After you have created a Buycraft account, you are given an online webstore which you can use to promote your items for sale. Your players will visit this website and be able to purchase the items that they want, be it a collection of armour, or a monthly VIP membership.​
    What can I sell to my users, and how?
    Buycraft enables you to sell ANYTHING to your users, from a collection of armour upgrades, to monthly VIP memberships. When a player purchases a product, it is automatically processed on your Minecraft server, and removes all hassle of managing payments by yourself. All these different options will take the worry out of funding your Minecraft server.​
    Some of the awesome features available:
    • Create donation packages which can reward your players with anything you imagine.
    • Setup advanced packages for memberships ranks, with support for automatic Paypal subscriptions.
    • Many Payment gateways supported! (Paypal, Stripe, Google Wallet, Paymentwall, 2Checkout, Onebip, Paygol, Payza, and Coinbase.)
    • Coupon codes to offer discounts to your players.
    • Run promotional sales to gain attention to certain donation packages.
    • Cumulative ranking to enable your players to upgrade their ranks.
    • Custom variables to offer advanced customisation of your packages.
    • Detailed donation statistics to see how well your server is performing.
    • Multiple webstores per account, with the ability to create sub accounts for your other moderators/administrators on your server.
    • Advanced fraud protection to prevent chargebacks.
    • Webstores available in over 8 languages.
    • You can change your webstore theme and even integrate it into your own website.
    • Everything is hosted by us, resulting in a hassle free and inexpensive way to run your own webstore! The Buycraft platform is updated regularly with many new features added each month.
    Have a feature suggestion? Post it below!

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    "The most advanced Donation Plugin"

    This has been lost to enjin
  3. Someone hasn't been keeping up with our recent updates ;)
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    For the (Required package(s)) is there a way to add a package to someone so just say I upgraded from donor-supporter it would add the supporter package for me because some uses can only upgrade once like donor-supporter then cant go to supporter-vip because that don't have the 'supporter' package.
    Hope that makes sence :)
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    Feature Suggestion
    Problem: Currently when you add a package with a variable, you can only get one of those packages per order.
    Suggestion: The ability to have the same package with different variants.
    Example: Lets say I had a package for the item Wool and a variable for the different colors (white, orange, magenta...).
    Right now if I wanted Red Wool and Blue Wool I would need to buy the red wool then once that order is complete I could buy the blue wool.
    The feature should be that once a package is added to the cart with a variable, you will be able to add that package again with a different variable.
    So I would be able to buy both the red and blue wool in the same order, while only using 1 package with 1 variable.
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    Yes, you can use the 'require package' feature for this. It's in the package editor. If you need any more hep, just ask.
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    You should add prepaid, credit, and debit cards other than PayPal. For the people without credit cards and younger users they can't make a purchase, unless their parents use their PayPal account. The younger users can buy visa gift cards, ect. to make a purchase online then, without their parents.
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    You can use credit and debit cards.
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    I have all that set up ill explain it again

    Just say I went to donate for 'Donor' and I did and I wanted to upgrade from 'Donor' to 'Supporter' I could do this but if I wanted to go from 'Supporter to 'Vip' I can't because the uses only has the package 'Donor' to Supporter' and not 'Supporter'

    See the problem?
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    Oh, if you want it set up like that, you should disable 'require package'. Just create all your ranks, put them in a category, and enable cumulative packages for that category.
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    A kind of coupon that his value goes down until depleted would be awesome. I'm thinking of switching and want to keep the current donators by giving them coupons with how much they donated before so they can get the new donator packages.
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    Suggestion: Configurable delay between commands
    ex: jimmy bought "donor" package! commands that would be run are etc.. HOWEVER! one of the commands has to be ran before the other! some purposes are like giving items, or having cooler effects! :D
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    Already possible. Click the edit-button next to a command in a package, and there will be an option called 'delay'.
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    Can you consider adding Dwolla as a payment gateway? Thanks!
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    No problem :)
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    This User bought more than one package, but it only display one. Could you implement, that all packages are shown?
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    - Option to add a manual payment without applying the commands.
    - Server selection when resending commands.
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    I've set up a subdomain for my domain name that I want to point to my buycraft store, but I get a 404 error when I go to it.
    Probably something simple on my part, but any help would be greatly appreciated. :D
    URL that's meant to go to the store: http://store.tiki-craft.com/
    EDIT: Never mind - I didn't put the subdomain into the Buycraft settings, only the main domain. Works great now. :D
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    Can you add Russian payment systems? Like WebMoney or Qiwi, most of russian people doesn't have credit/debit card, so it's close to impossible to donate to server.
    If BuyCraft will contain this system, I think it will be popular, because we have only 1 CMS shop, but it needs knowledge of programming + it costs 70$.
    Many servers in Russia impossibly need shop, Buycraft -excellent shop.
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    Feature Suggestion/Request:
    -Allow two separate BuyCrafts to share the same Secret Key/Server.


    Server 1 and Server 2 have a partnership.
    Server 2 wants to help Server 1.
    Server 1 suggests selling hats on Server 2.

    People will purchase from server 1, and the package will be delivered on all the servers.
    But the money will go to Server 1's Buycraft

    Since the Secret keys are randomly generated, and un-editable, we can't set another Buycraft's account to execute on a separate BuyCraft's server.
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    Feature Request -

    I would like for the free version to have at least one of everything else including the packages just so that they can be trialed. Please take this into consideration,

  23. Buycraft isnt designed to be used like this, if you want to use multiple servers you must create another secret key.

    We're altering the free plan soon to include more benefits, keep an eye out for that.
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    Oh well, I'll get a dev to make a server to server command forwarding system.

  25. You should try multiple servers, it works as expected and many networks do it this way. :)
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    I have a question, we once bought like a 'lifetime' premium thing for our server (http://minesecure.buycraft.net/)
    It said we could keep using the newest features.. now we get a message that we can upgrade to another premium for 'newer' features....

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    Could you add a feature where everything (including the actual category) under / in a category can be hidden when you edit it? Because I would like to make new packages under a new server, but I can't without my players seeing it, and it would be nice to hide. Thanks.
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    oh god

    add a command type in: broadcast {user} did buy {packagename} for {price}

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    I would like to see some more options with the display heads feature in game. Possibly a place to configur exactly how each line on the signs will appear and options to add the package type etc.
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    Java Script

    I have downloaded and I put it in my fake server and I saw that you can pay by not paying and I cracked the plugin in 1sec and the server in 2sec. If you use this plugin try to make your own server and make your server more safe and only use paypal and bit coins then you can't crack it only the plugin but you can't do anything with that only make it your. But I recommend to make a donation page and that will make it much better and do every thing manual. (don't give items give like vip and Super vip) Hope I helped some one and I will be looking in to this and I hope I can make this plugin better. If you are one of the plugin maker please PM and I am not giving hate or anything just helping.
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    Being able to see the amount of money made during the month is probably the most useful statistic within Buycraft.

    However there is no way to view previous month's.

    It would be great to be able to see the amount of earnings made during the past months in one whole number, which would give us insight on if we are growing or not.

    Would be awesome, thanks. :)

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