Inactive [ADMN/TP] eTeleport v1.9.3 - An easy teleportation plugin [PermissionsBukkit] [1.4.6-R0.1]

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    eTeleport is an easy teleportation plugin. There are a few commands which can teleport you around your Minecraft Map. It allows you easily to teleport to other players, coordinates, worlds and more.​
    Try it out.​
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    i typed /tpc <my playername> 99999 50 99999 and it froze my computer, shut it off, and i cant go onto my server anymore... please make a command that teleports "OFFLINE" players

    make a command /warp <player> <warp>

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    can u make a command: /tpall to tp all players to your postiton?
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    Yes i'll make it.
    But atm i haven't much time to spend on the plugin.
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    ok thanks!
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    Version 1.6: [24.04.2012]
    - Added Command: /tpv​
    - Added Command: /tpa​
    - Added Command: /tpoa​
    - Removed Command: /warp​
    - Removed Command: /warplist​
    Hey Guys,​
    i decided to remove the whole warp system of my plugin. This is cause i had no time to fix and do a lot of stuff on that. In case you want to use a warp system, there are soooo many warp plugins out there :)
    Sorry for my decision. But with this new Version there comes 3 new commands.​
    Check it out​
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    bugger, i was mainly using the warp commands :( will stick with old version while it works
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    how can i update this without losing my warps?

    al my warps are gone since i updated!!!! BRING WARPING BACK!!! i lost my arena, my jail, my hungergames arena, and more because no more warps!!! thay are all far away in different islands and now they are gone! BRING BACK WARPING!!!

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    I work on the warp plugin again but I seperate it as another one.

    Here is the warp plugin which i seperated from eTeleport:

    Copy the config.yml from the eTeleport folder into the folder of eWarp and the warps should work again.

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    So I've run into a problem after adding this. I can't teleport players around, it always says that player is offline. The only teleport function I can get to work is the teleport all.

    help? :/
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    for eWarp:
    can you make a command that you can set certain areas cant be warped out of, like jails? also can you make a command "/dwarp <player>" so that player cant warp??​
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    Which server version do you run and which plugin version?
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    Thanks for the plugin! One little issue though: All commands work except for the standard /tp one. No matter what I try, it will say that I have the wrong syntax. I'm using PermissionsEx, could this be an issue?
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    Maybe yes, i've never tried with permissionsEx.
    Any errors in the cosole or somewhere else?
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    lets see....

    nope, nothing complains, only I get a message in my chat.
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    Hi, I think your plugin is great, but I am having an issue.

    I am using multiworlds but when I try to use /tpw <name> It says the world does not exist. The /mw list command shows my secondary world is loaded, so I don't know what the problem is.
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    Hello, Thanks for the Grate Plugin. I was hoping you could help me with the Permissions node. I am not that grate at them so I was wondering if this is the correct format to enable all the commands for a group
    - eTeleport.*
    Also I have been getting asked by Members of my server if I could get a /home, /sethome command that each person on the server could have so they could easy get back to there house or project. So there would be like a X,Y,Z that would be different per person on the server that they can set them self's. I have seen this command on other Plugins that offer warp's that have this command and i think it would add a lot to your plugin :)
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    the permisson node "eTeleport.*" doesn't exist mostly, sorry man. Instead you must your the exact permission nodes which are given in the first post.
    Something like /home and /sethome i think i don't implement this, because i think there are enough other home plugins
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    Ermmm.What is the other mod??
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    I don't know. This mod wasn't from me.
    But the other version didn't exist anymore, so...
    Because it's to difficult to support both versions.
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    Does anybody know if this plugin works with the latest version of MC?
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    Any chance this is going to be updated to 1.3.1-R.2.0?
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    #Update to 1.3.1-R2.0

    Should work with lates RB
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    Are you updating eWarp?
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    anychance this for 1.3.2?
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    How do u make a new world to tp to??
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    You need another plugin. Any plugin wich can create and load worlds on your server is optimal. eTeleport just add an easier command to teleport around loaded worlds. Default loaded worlds are just "[WorldName] , [WorldName]_nether , [WorldName]_the_end" .

    E.g.: MyWorlds
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    Could you make it so you can define to what worlds players are allowed to teleport? Because it is kind of annoying when you are playing survival games on a separate world and have random players walking around.
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    Do that with permissions.

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