[ADMN] TikiToolkit v1.1.7 - Inventory slot based admin tools [1060]

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    TikiToolkit - Toolbar / Slot Based Administration Tools
    Version: v1.1.7
    TikiToolkit allows you to bind a plugin command to the left and right click function of any item on your toolbar. By using a simple configuration file you can define tools per player, per slot, per item. Which means a huge amount of customization for each user. Want to use a fish to access WorldEdit's teleport commands? NO PROBLEM!

    This plugin is an alternative to Wandmin by Nathanwolf, and will work nicely with his Spells plugin. I found that with Wandmin, I was only binding a couple commands to each wand and spending more time cycling through wands than it would take to type the command.This fixes that problem by limiting you to two commands per tool, but you can define up to 9 tools of any type (18 possible commands, if you don't want any hotbar slots)

    There is no method to actually modify the tools in game, it must be done through the config file. However if enough people want that feature, I will add it. But I think the config file editing works nicely since I personally never touch my tools once they're set up.

    (See the example config at the bottom to see this screenshot's config file)
    If you do not like the "ToolName Selected" messages. Either remove the "name: ToolName" option in the config for the tool you don't want to show the message, or set "selected_msg: false" for the player (see example config).
    • Bind any item or block to a function
    • Respawn with your admin tools when you die (configurable)
    • Prevents you from dropping inventory when killed (configurable)
    • Allows you to chain commands together (eg: /hpos 1, /hpos 2, /expand 1 up, /set 1) for 1 tool
    Due to major breaking changes in Bukkit, I split it into two different versions. If you're using an old CraftBukkit, you will want version 1.0.X. If you're using the latest recommended build, you will want version 1.1.X .

    [CraftBukkit 733] (561+): * Recommended Release Build *

    [CraftBukkit 560-]: * Version for old(er) CraftBukkit builds *

    Source Code:

    • /tiki reload - Reload the configuration file
    • /tiki identify - Identify the item you're currently holding (for use in config file)
    • /tiki tools - Adds your configured tools to your hotbar
    Example Config:

    Issues, Bugs, and Features:
    Please post all issues and feature requests on the github issue page:

    Version 1.1.7:
    - Updated for to support PLAYER_INTERACT changes, CraftBukkit 561+
    Version 1.0.7:
    - Last version that supports any craftbukkit prior to 561
    - Fixes an issue with command chains not working for some plugins
    Version 1.0.6:
    - Selected tool messages can be turned off with "selected_msg: false", see example config.
    Version 1.0.5:
    - Now uses player.chat() to send commands. Which means you can send chat messages and perform native minecraft commands
    - Improved help syntax for invalid commands
    - Switched to syncTasks when restoring inventory on respawn
    Version 1.0.4:
    - Fixed some commands not working if they only registered in plugin.yml
    Version 1.0.3:
    - Only ops can /tiki reload the config now (and the console)
    - Added a /tiki tools command to restore the configured tools without killing yourself
    Version 1.0.2:
    - All commands require leading / now (eg.. /thru instead of thru)
    - Plugins that use PLAYER_COMMAND_PREPROCESS now supported
    Version 1.0.1:
    - Added command chaining (see config example)
    Version 1.0.0:
    - Initial Release
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    Looks broken:

    Dobroserver runs:
    git-Bukkit-0.0.0-612-g4c7a9e7-b617jnks (MC: 1.4)
    Dobroserver uses the following plugins:
    Backup v1.2a
    BorderGuard Lite (Round) v2.4
    AuthMe v0.71
    iChat v2.2.2
    LogBlock v0.1
    iConomy v4.65
    AutoReplace v1.6
    LWC v2.11
    Permissions v2.5.5
    NoExplode v1.4-stoneLeaf
    Minequery v1.5
    LoginMessage v0.6.1
    PluginsManager v11.03.26
    ecoCreature v0.0.4c
    TikiToolkit v1.1.7
    MyHome v1.9.3
    Jail v0.5.6
    AutoRepair v1.91
    properTime v1.8.4
    Whitelist v2.7
    This page was generated on: 2011/04/02 @ 20:35:42 using PluginsManager v11.03.26
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    I just checked, 1.1.7 works as expected on 617 with no other plugins installed. My assumption is it's a conflict with another one of those plugins, I'll see if I can narrow it down to which one.

    Edit: Update: I installed most of the plugins, and I couldn't reproduce the issue. Does it ever restore the tools? The way it works is 1 tick after you respawn, it will give you the items. It might be possible that it could fail to give the tools on respawn, but I haven't ever seen it.

    Try typing /tiki tools, do you get the tools then?

    If you don't, then make sure your name is correct in the config (it looks correct from the screenshot), your actual player name, not a display name if you're using one.
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    Problem found:

    [v1.1.7] Download TikiToolkit (JAR Only) — TikiToolkit.1.1.7.jar dont work.

    [v1.1.7] Download TikiToolkit (ZIP with config) — TikiToolkit.jar (inside zip) works fine.

    Thank you for this plugin and quick update.
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    Ah, okay! Sounds like something got fooked. I'll fix that. Thank you!
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    Really nice work! Works good for me!

    But can you say where you get your skin? on the Picture, This is also awsome!
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    I'm glad you like the plugin! It's actually a skin made by someone on Reddit, I do not recall who. I am sorry, but it is called the "Creeper Cultist" if that helps. A friend actually sent it to me, I didn't find it myself
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    New version works good for me ;)
    And i found this skin and wear it ;) thx
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    Is there a way for you to make it so you don't need to put in someone's username to allow them to use the tools? That way, every one can use them upon their first login.
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    I don't see why not, that would be a good addition... I'll try and put that in the next version, whenever I have time to sit down and add a bunch of features. I went ahead and added it on https://github.com/verrier/TikiToolkit/issues ... it might be a little bit (several days) before I'm able to add it... but I'll see what I can do!
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    You're an awesome developer. :) Thank you for your hard work and for taking the time to listen to me!
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    I have yet to even get it to work once. It just says the Gods have Restored you Tiki Tools or something, It has yet to ever work once for me
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    Make sure there are no tabs (only spaces) in the config file, (it'll throw parse errors in the console if there are, look for those). Also maybe paste your config file and I'll take a look at it?
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    I need the ingame settings, @Verrier .

    We will use this to replace the Essentials powertool feature. :)

    This also means we will need to have tools stored per-user rather than in kits, if possible.
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    Yesss, you and me both... I'll be working on that ASAP.. I just haven't had the time recently, been absolutely busy. But I do think about it every day!

    Tools will always be stored per user, and a setting to give users without any tools some default ones.. which they can then configure.

    I'll really try to work on that here this weekend, giving myself a deadline puts more pressure to get it done! But again, no promises. Just soon! It's not forgotten!
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    No problem, just quote or "mention" me when you're done.

    If this can completely mimic essentials' functionality without all the lag, that would be great. :D
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    Thanks so much for this plugin!
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    what if I want a group that can use this? or do I have to put their names one by one??
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    I'm happy to see this is still being maintained.
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    This is an awesome plugin!

    Can you provide a static .JAR link, or get this registered with CraftBukkitUpToDate?
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    Can you please post a link for the skin?

    This plugin is great!
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    For me the .jar from the zip won't work but the .jar only did work!:eek:
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    @Verrier Can you give me a link to the skin on the screeen plz :p?
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    I'm afraid I don't have a link to the skin anymore :( As I mentioned on the previous post, it's somewhere on reddit... called the Creeper Cultist

    As for updates to this mod, I've added a couple of the requested features to github over the past couple weeks. I plan to knock out a bunch of projects over the next week or two, and this is one of them. I put some of the upcoming features on the dev.bukkit.org page: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/tikitoolkit/
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    Here's the skin skin.png
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    The Chain Command function would be so much more useful if u could cycle through the commands instead of firing them off all at once...

    example of usable cycle:
    leftclick 1: //hpos1
    leftclick 2: //hpos2
    leftclick 3: //set 1
    leftclick 4: //set 2
    leftclick 5: //set 3
    leftclick 6: etc...

    rightclick: //undo
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    I really like that cycle through commands idea, I'll try and get that in the next version! Thanks
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    I am new with Bukkit and I would like to know how to link this with world edit and permissions. Thanks
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    There is no permissions support (yet) ... when it's added it'll be SuperPerms (bukkit permissions). Only add people to the config file that you want to access the tool. As for linking with world edit... what exactly did you have in mind?

    All this plugin does is lets you bind commands to tools... so for example you can bind right click of a pickaxe to the worldedit // command. Now you can right click to toggle off and on the superpickaxe. Any command or chain of commands can be bound.
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    Ohhh I thought it was somthing more to do with world edit and it can be accesed by anyone

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