[ADMN] Spawn List 0.10 - The Original Powerful Item Spawning Plugin [1060]

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    SpawnList: Take Back Item Spawning!
    Version RC1.0 -"Where the hell have you been, SuperPerms?" edition.​

    Vrc1.0: Updated for 1.7.3! SuperPerms! New Group System! I should update more!
    V0.9.2: Fixed a second stupid.
    V0.9.1: Fixed a stupid.
    Vo.9: Fixed a few bugs. Changed how inheritance works. By the way, it works.
    Vo.8: 1.5 update. I know I've fixed that bug now!
    V0.7.3: Removed horrible inheritance. Added 1.4 items
    V0.7.2: Less annoying puke, possible allowed fix.
    V0.7.1: MOAR FIXES!!!1!!1!111!2!!!one!!
    V0.7: Added /give. Hopefully fixed a bug.
    V0.6: Changed Packages. Actually fixed things :3
    V0.5: Thought I fixed a bunch of things.
    V0.4: new onCommand format. slreload works from console. New enable/disable message.
    V0.3: Added /slreload command. Added a toggle for the warning message. Cleaned up some language.
    V0.2: Fixed spawning by number, added function to designate number of items spawned by default, changed default to 1.
    V0.1: Release
    Ladies and gentlemen, it is the return of item spawning as it once was! Take back control of your user's item spawning habits with SpawnList, the Bukkit ready version of GroupSpawnlist, readapted and ready to go! I created this plugin because as far as I could see there was no way to properly regulate item spawning in terms of what items your users could spawn. This plugin builds upon the item whitelist of hMod by adding these features:
    • Additive or Deductive spawning! (Give a list of items you either want users to spawn or NOT want users to spawn)
    • Permissions support! (Designate different spawn lists for each group!)
    • It's own /item command!
    • Reload without restart, now from console and in-game!
    • Inheritance!
    I hope that this will become your most used plugin. A few reminders in order to make this the best possible:

    • You will need to disable any other /item commands that may exist in plugins like Essentials. Failure to do so might cause your users to get double the items they want.
    • You will need to configure your config.yml file according to a few rules, which I will outline.
    • Inheritance works as thusly: Parent group overrules children, but once it's true, it's done. Allow me to explain. If group A inherits groups B and C, then group A's policies will overrule groups B and C. However, if group B or C can spawn an item, then it is assumed that group A can spawn it as well. Keep this in mind.
    • There is a new system for groups with the new superperms. If you use super perms, listen up! You need to define in your config.yml file the world, then the user, then the group. Groups can also have children. See the new config file style below, and respond with any questions.
    Now, for the DL link, but first, if you like the plugin, Donate! Donators get access to my dropbox folder which contains everything I work on, including a few plugins that have never been released! Any amount is fine. Here are the links: Donate, Jar + Zip, Jar Only (Experimental)!

    To configure:
    • If you are using the Permissions plugin, here are the permissions used by Spawnlist:
      • spawnlist.item - Access the /item command
      • spawnlist.canspawnanything - If the user can spawn anything they want
      • spawnlist.spawnlisted - If you want the /item command to check the spawnlist for this user dead as of RC1.0 (why did I have this to begin with?)
      • spawnlist.reload - For users to have access to the /slreload command
      • spawnlist.give - Access to the /give command
    • In the config.yml file, the format is this:
    default-stack-size: 34 #change the default spawning amount
    show-warning: 1 #show warnings, 1 = yes, 0 = no
    superperms: false #change to true if you want to use superperms!
    default: #leave this no matter what
    allowed: #can be allowed or disallowed (NOT BOTH)
      - 1 #list numbers here
      - 2
      - 3
      - 4
       #children go here (try it out for me! only needed for superperms!)
    #other groups here (LOWERCASE)
    Remember, please post in this thread if the plugin works/doesn't work/makes you happy/sad/upset/laugh. I less then three feedback

    Lego6245 of enigmasm.com
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    Is there a plugin or a way to allow myself to allow users to spawn things in one world but not another?
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    Psycho Robot

    I ask out of curiosity, not impatience, are there any plans for this?
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    Okay, i need some help.
    I have this installed just fine, i log into my server and i type (for example):
    /item fence 300
    And it says: "You are not allowed to use /item command".
    Same for give.
    I've tried being owner, nothing. Admin, same thing.
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    Update for 1.8.1?
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    At this point, with 1.9 coming out so soon, I'll just go right to that.
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    could you make a quick update? we cant spawn 1.8 items.
  8. Hey, i have a little request. Can you update it to Minecraft 1.0.0 becouse there are more items in the game
    Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english
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    please update.
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    Hey guys. Guess who's back. Back again. I am back, tell a friend

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