Inactive [ADMN] simpleWeather v 0.1 Change Weather w/ Commands [1.2.3-R0.2]

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    simpleWeather - The Weather plugin: Version: v1.0 With simple weather you are able to change the weather with simple commands without having to install something bigger that you do not want.

    * /Weather set sun/rain/thunder : to set weather
    * Op based permissions
    * Permissions nodes Now as well simpleWeather.set allows you to change the weather

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted bit url>

    Version 0.3
    * Updated to 1.2.3

    Version 0.2
    * Added permission nodes

    Version 0.1
    * Releasing my awesome plugin
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    MediaFire downloads are discouraged, if you can try using wget support :)

    Also, it is highly recommended you create a page at for this plugin because the plugins on will only contain pages from BukkitDev eventually ;)
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    walker i already heave a dev bukkit i am just waiting on conformation and that is why i am using media fire right now.
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    Thank you, greg_t! I always wanted a plugin just like this, and it's a shame I had to ask for it, but you did a kickass job here. Thanks again. By the way, it's exactly as I wanted :)
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    Looks good ^^
    Works just fine.
    However, you should change the onEnable message to "simpleWeather v(version) is now enabled"
    Saying "your plugin is now enabled" is extremely aggravating to server admins who dont know what that is.

    Also, consider adding permissions, you really cant go wrong in adding it.
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    ^^ I actually came back to mention that. other than that, no complaints!
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    Ok I will add permissions and change the on enable and on disable messages would it be 1 permissions for all or 1 for each I will start off with 1 for all of them
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    Gotta say, you're totally awesome :)
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    Moved to releases
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    Thanks so much i was waiting for this can you check my other plugin nourish aswell i think it is up to standards
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    Great plugin!
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    Rocket Widget

    All it does for me when I try to use it is say /weather set [sun/rain/thunder], and doesn't actually change the weather.
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    Do you have op because that's the only reason that would happen I will be changing to permissions today anyways so if even with op it doesn't work it will with permissions.

    I have now added the permission nodes simpleWeather.set lets you set it

    Anyone got any ideas of what to add to this plugin? I am open to any suggestions

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    Would you be able to make a command that makes it snow, even in areas that don't have snow on the ground?

    And for some reason Thunder doesn't work for me. :(
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    Rocket Widget

    My honest opinion is:
    Nothing. You wanted a simple plugin to do one thing, and you made it. It was exactly what I was looking for. I downloaded this one -because- it didn't have a bunch of stuff I don't want.
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    Yes I think I will keep it simple becAcuse I know people only want it to be.
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    Rocket Widget

    In other news, this plugin still doesn't work for me... when I try to use it, it just says "/weather set [sun/rain/thunder]" back at me. I definitely have the * permission node and everything.
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    are you op? and try having the simpleWeather.set aswell
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    Rocket Widget

    I am an Op, and I have * already, which is every permission. Unless somehow * doesn't work for your plugin...
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    I will check that for you but it should.
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    Add snow. I want to be able to set a region to snow, but none allow it. I wanted one today if possible? Inbox me?
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    Updated To 1.0.1
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    all this needs is time adjustment now. A light weight weather and time mod is all that I need
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    Does this plug-in let you set weather to sun or whichever forever without it automatically turning back to rain when rain randomly turns on? cause on my server I want my server to have NO SNOW and preferebly rain.
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    Hey, amazing plugin :) Can you add a storm choice to? so /weather set storm so it snows?
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    Updated And Fully Working

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