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    SetRank - Change ranks in-game
    Version: 1.1_1 CraftBukkit 1000

    /rank [Player] [Rank] - Changes the rank of someone
    /setrank [Player] [Rank] - Same as above

    Permissions (open)
    setrank.rank.<group> - Replace <group> with any group you like, players with that permission can rank to the group which you've chosen.

    setrank.rankall - The player can rank to all groups

    v1.0 - First release
    • Added setrank.rank.<group>
    • Added setrank.rankall
    • Fixed a text color bug
    • Fixed a big ranking bug
    • Added an owner-name property to the config file.
    • Change ranks in-game
    Error check list:
    • Are you sure you're using Permissions?
    • Do you have Permissions v3.x or higher?
    • Make sure that you're not using the global files.

    SetRank v1.1_1

    Source code

    Optional: You can use CraftBukkitUpToDate to keep this plugin up to date.

    Note: This requires the Permissions plugin, it does not work with PermissionsEx,
    EssentialsGroupManager or PermissionsBukkit. EssentialsGroupManager uses /manuadd.

    Do not use the global files! They're causing errors.

    This project has been discontinued. Download the PermissionsBukkit version here.
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    Fixed it thanks for trying. It's not that the plugin doesn't detect your pemission. It's that your Permission parsels have errors in it.

    (you should add that to the documentation.)
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    I've already tried to add that.
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    i have a rank call Guest and it's a rang there will be given automatically i think it's every time there is a new person that joins the server and get the rank automatically *sorry for bad english hope you understand* :D
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    Yes that's a built in feature of Permissions. Try downloading the newest version.
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    Just Curious, what goes in the place of the []'s? and could you possibly add rank support?
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    You just type /rank [Player] [Rank], but replace [Player] with the player you want to rank and [Rank] with the rank. But without the brackets. So for example: /rank Bob Member, it changes Bob's rank to Member. And what do you mean by rank support? I believe you mean Permissions support, it's already included.
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    Exactly what I was looking for, thank you!
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    No problem :)
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    Nice work with this simplifying the overly complicated 3.6 in game commands XD
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    This needs to be added to the op.

    I had the exact same issue. Thanks a lot!
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    It comes up with internal error whenever i try to promote someone
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    Umm Could you Help me It Says An internal occured while attempting to perform this command
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    Im having an issue with it saying no such group found! My Permissions 3.1.6. groupGlobal file. Edited for perms to mostly only be SetRank.

    although i must say i was testing it on myself being nobody else to help test it with.
    Server/XBL_Rockstar typed the same thing. Same result. XBL_Rockstar is Admin at the time of this post/test.
    Server: /rank XBL_Rockstar Member
    CONSOLE: No such group!
  15. Thank you so much!
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    Do not use the global files.
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    Thanks works now!
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    Hey Bau i keep getting an error when people join and my setrank doesnt allow me to rank anyone and i have given my self all permissions i have pasted my error on paste bin heres the link i was wondering if there was a zip file i could get to make sure im not missing anything i need
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    The error tells me that the plugin didn't detect your Permissions system correctly or you are using PermissionsBukkit, EssentialsGroupManager, FakePermissions or PermissionsEx.

    And no there's not a zip file because the plugin generates everything you need.
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    im using Pheonix Permissions if you have different permissions please recommend them too me pls

    oh nevermind i just saw the permission thingy

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    How do you change the ranks? I typed: /rank kelvingold owner but nothing happend. What ranks can i use?
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    Get the Permissions plugin and set it up. Reading helps.
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    Thank god for this, do I still have to create groups in the YAML file?
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    ok im new to making a server. and i dont know how to run this plugin. i have permissions plugin and i did drag the download file to the plugin folder. but do i have to do anything about the permission thingy? cuz when i dont do anything and try the rank command on the console. this comes up: 02:52:35 [WARNING] Unexpected exception while parsing console command
    org.bukkit.command.CommandException: Unhandled exception executing command 'rank' in plugin SetRank v1.11
    at org.bukkit.command.PluginCommand.execute(
    at org.bukkit.command.SimpleCommandMap.dispatch(
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.dispatchCommand(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.b(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(
    Caused by: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: com.nijiko.permissions.PermissionHandler.getUserObject(Ljava/lang/String;Ljava/lang/String;)Lcom/nijiko/permissions/User;
    at com.Baummann.SetRank.SetRank.SetRank.canAddOrRemoveParent(
    at com.Baummann.SetRank.SetRank.SetRank.onCommand(
    at org.bukkit.command.PluginCommand.execute(
    ... 6 more
    soo please help me D:
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    And again, reading helps. I clearly said you need the Permissions plugin.
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    Isn't permissions 3.1.6 going to add their own commands soon anyway? Also permissions 3.1.6 doesn't support the new API yet.
    When permissions 3.1.6 updates this plugin will very quickly become obsolete. If permissions 3.1.6 doesn't update soon then it will start to loose popularity since it will not support the new API, so either way this won't be needed for long.

    If you wanted to save this plugin, then maybe you could create your own permissions system. I heard none of the API ones have MySQL support yet. You could gain a lot of users from that :D
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    Permissions 3.1.6 already has its own commands. It's something like /permissions adduser (player) (group). This plugin uses /rank which is a lot easier than permissions' one.
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    i told you i have the permission plugin, but do i have to use it? Im just new to making servers. I hope you understand.
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    Wow can you make it so that lower ranking cannot edit higher ranking?
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    Yes you need to use it.

    Use this as permission: -setrank.rank.<higher rank here> do that for every higher rank.

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