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    SetRank - Change ranks in-game
    Version: 1.1_1 CraftBukkit 1000

    /rank [Player] [Rank] - Changes the rank of someone
    /setrank [Player] [Rank] - Same as above

    Permissions (open)
    setrank.rank.<group> - Replace <group> with any group you like, players with that permission can rank to the group which you've chosen.

    setrank.rankall - The player can rank to all groups

    v1.0 - First release
    • Added setrank.rank.<group>
    • Added setrank.rankall
    • Fixed a text color bug
    • Fixed a big ranking bug
    • Added an owner-name property to the config file.
    • Change ranks in-game
    Error check list:
    • Are you sure you're using Permissions?
    • Do you have Permissions v3.x or higher?
    • Make sure that you're not using the global files.

    SetRank v1.1_1

    Source code

    Optional: You can use CraftBukkitUpToDate to keep this plugin up to date.

    Note: This requires the Permissions plugin, it does not work with PermissionsEx,
    EssentialsGroupManager or PermissionsBukkit. EssentialsGroupManager uses /manuadd.

    Do not use the global files! They're causing errors.

    This project has been discontinued. Download the PermissionsBukkit version here.
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    The plugin keeps telling me there is no such group
    I am trying /rank Joebob97 Owner
    and then says "No such group!"
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    Umm... create the group?
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    Ice cold aft

    Hey guys, if any of you are having trouble with the YAML/YML files I found this great thing called a: YAML Parser. I't basically tells you if the YAML file is correct or not. All you do is copy the contents of the YAML file and paste it onto on the screen where it shows. Then it either tells you where the error is, or shows that everything is fine.


    Good Luck and unfortunately I haven't had a chance to use your plugin yet because my cpu fails and cant handle minecraft cause of the video card... but this is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks Alot.
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    I get an error when i type /Rank Cobain Admin :p
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    Your post is missing a lot of information.
    What CB build are you using?
    What error?
    Are you using PermissionsBukkit or Permissions 3.x?
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    Im using permissionsbukkit and when i type /rank Cobain owner it says that it dont work and CB? do u mean Craftbukkit? sry i suck
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    You are using the wrong plugin use SetRankPB
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    That one dont work too
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    What doesn't work?
    No information = no help.
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    It dont work when i write /rank Cobain owner
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    Any errors in the log?
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    exuse me i dont understand how to use this please help
    i dont understand how to rank people and make groups i wrote /rank thbonzo owner and it didnt work, how do i create a gourp?

    Please help thank you
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    i currently run bpermissions otherwise referred to as superperms, does this work with my permission plugin?
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    No but SetRankPB is working with PermissionsBukkit

    Search a tutorial on YouTube how to set up Permissions I'll only explain how to use SetRank.

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    thank you i will do this now or tommorow i will contact you later.

    Hey is there any way i can get it to say like (owner) thbonzo on the chat please contact me asp

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    Use the plugin iChat
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    aw3some keep it up to date!
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    hey mate,
    im using 3.1.6, with build 1060... and it seems to be working fine as far as my groups having the right permissions etc
    altho we have just noticed (while making our first Moderator) that any group can rank to any other group.. any ideas why?
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    Did you give them the permssion setrank.rankall?
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    SO say if i wanted to make a rank how do i do that and how do i give it to all the people who join my server?
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    no, only admins have '*' for all pluggins .. :eek:
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    Use the Permissions plugin.

    Maybe the global files are doing it.

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    I was wondering if the plugin works with multiple worlds. So that I can change the rank of a player in all worlds...because I have 6 worlds...which means set the rank 6 times XD.

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    It uses the world the target player is in.
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    it works but it dosnt show my rank before my name:(
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    It's not supposed to do that. Other plugins are doing that.
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    dos this work with PermissionsEx ?
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    Yes it should work.
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    thanks i will try it out then 1.8 comes out

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