[ADMN] Server Side Xray v0.1 - Catch those xrayers [1000]

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    Server Side Xray - Catch those xrayers [1000]
    About Server Side Xray:
    Server Side Xray was created to catch xrayers by watching as they mine. It's simple to use.

    Everything is only visible from the client side (only you can see the changes).

    Demonstration Video

    Thanks to hihibecky for the video

    Permission nodes:
    • SeverXray.Xray permission to use /xray commands
    • SeverXray.glowstone permission to use /glow command
    • Xray - Toggles ServerSide Xray with default blocks
    • Xray hide [block] - Hides block from you
    • Xray show [block] - Shows block to you
    • Xray highlight [block] - Puts glowstone under block
    • Xray unhighlight [block] - Removes glowstone under block
    • Xray list - Lists hidden & highlited blocks
    • Glow - Toggles right click(empty hand) client side glowstone
    • Xray help - Shows help
    • Blocks that are highlighted will have glowstone placed under them
    • Blocks that are hidden will become glass
    • typing /glow and right clicking any block with a bare hand changes it to glowstone (useful for light in a dark cave).
    • As you walk the area around you becomes glass giving you an xray like view
    • No config file (easy setup)
    • Block selections are persistent (players can select their hidden and highlighted block lists and keep them over restarts)
    • Designed to work with VanishNp
    Known Bugs:
    • light level changes not initiated by a player are not tracked and cause blocks to reappear.
    • Version 0.1 First release
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    Catching an X-Rayer by using X-Ray. Epic!
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    Sorry for the delay in submission approvals, I've been away for a while.

    edited the title order
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    Awesome plugin works like a charm!
    1 question sidenote: permission nodes > you said "SeverXray.Xray" I presume you mean "ServerXray.Xray"? :)

    EDIT: nope its actually severXray.Xray :O insteresting. either way awesome job! :D
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    Doh, forgot the r...
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    I don't understand the highlighted feature, is it what the x-rayers highlight?
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    Matt L

    Ummm, can you make it so we can customize how many cubes vertical and horizontal the xray lets us see? I have xrayers on my server that hide around bedrock and it is hard to spy on them without being right on top of them...
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    Working on a completely redesigned version of Sever Side Xray which will send entire chunks instead of a limited area.
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    Its a good idea but i dont understand how you would catch xrayers. Is this just ment to be an xray mod but without the need of a texture pack/client mod?
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    Yes, it's just a mod tool.
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    Does this still work? And any idea when it'll be updated again? It looks like the perfect thing for me to use.

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