Inactive [ADMN/SEC] XRay-Informer 2.2.0 - Protect your server from X-Rayers [1.3.1]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by sourcemaker, Aug 26, 2011.

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    XRay-Informer - Informs you about farmrates (Anti-XRay)
    Version 2.1.6 (16.02.2012), ready and waiting for R5

    You have a minecraft server and have troubles with xray-users? The XRay-Informer will be your solution to get rid of them.

    Hello, hello - please make sure, you have the latest version of LogBlock installed. It's 1.50 and not the prev version, which is available on bukkit dev ;-)
    Take a look on the bukkit forums, there's an archive available.
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    Looks promising.. will definately give this a shot.
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    Wow, sweet!
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    logblock please?
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    You should add the ability to add custom ores, then it would be a great plugin. Possibly, allow /ws'ing yourself for all users.
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    It is already in todo list. But yes logblock support will change the world!!! :D xD
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    Updated to 1.1 (Download in first post)
    - added global farmrates
    - support for LogBlock
    - Support for custom ores
    - changed the commands to check (more commands available now, modulable)
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    I filled all correctly out with the Datas (LogBlock)
    and when i type in the Commands it shows :

    13:56:23 [SEVERE] null
            at websend.Communicator.hash(
            at websend.Communicator.sendPOST(
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    Looks VERY nice! :)

    I would tho like to know where you got those values D: And how reliable they are ^^
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    Values? If you mean the "default" farmrates: I appreciated, based on the global farmrates :p
    That's why I wrote above the config:
    // Farmrates, default entries work well on my server
    // please reply on, if you have more exactly values

    The rates are no reason to override the command /use brain - so the plugin is just a "reference point". :D

    Please always provide (anonymized) config and the complete log with the command you entered.
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    Yeah I only mean the values like 10% is xray 5% is might be xray etc :3 I know they are just a reference point ^^
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    Ah, ok... I think you've misconfigured the websend:

    should be: URL=
    and below (in the next line!):

    The values are different from ore to ore - we're currently running at the given and it works well (for us ^^)
    1.8 will be much more difficult, because the ether will "unhide" many ores if you fly around them.
    (Banned a player how had 35% gold today - but he wasn't xraying (adminfail)...
    I didn't rollback before he came to teamspeak - so... like me: /use brain :DD
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    I dont understand why I need websend? Can I just not use this tool?
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    In which webdirectory I should copy the xray.php?
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    ive placed all in my plugins folder and configurated sql and the config, now if i type /ws <any command>
    nothing is happening :(
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    Did you place the xray.php in your webservers folder?
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    exactly HOW does this work?
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    I had the same problem and posted a support ticket and he hasn't gotten back. He marked it as accepted or whatever without fixing the problem. Hopefully he will get back soon and reply with a fix
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    First of all:
    Please open a ticket for EVERY case.

    You asked me about somehing like "Notice: Undefined index:"
    - I answered:
    Then you asked for the permission node.
    I answered:

    And then you asked nothing - just say "it does not work"...
    wtf? "It says nothing now, no error or anything." does NOT help me helping you.
    Send informations, and I'll be able to help you - or let it be.
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    The following is written without tone and is to address your previous post by stating the facts of what happened.

    You did not read the whole ticket and the responses. And I said it didn't work in the original ticket. You have done nothing to help with that. The only thing that you did was give me the permission node and generic php code that just made it not display the error. You did nothing to adress it not working and I posted the configs and you never responded saying what could be the problem or any information that you needed in addition to help solve it. You just gave me the permission node and marked it fixed instead of fixing the main issue of it not working. You didn't even respond about the web interface error until two days after you marked it fixed.
    I didn't say that it just didn't work, I said that it doesn't do anything when I tried it since you told me to add code that makes it not show the error. I have sent you information and you just don't reply. You just answered one part of my original ticket and then marked it fixed.
    So your above post is bogus and not true. I guess people can't list two problems in a ticket submission and will have to post multiple tickets at the same time instead which makes no sense. If you want something nonstandard like that you should mention it so people will know.
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    ** updated **
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    ** update to 2.0.2 **
    Vault not longer in dependencies (thanks to RustyDagger)
    xcheck -reload
    more (helpful) error handlings
    if no permission or op it returns "Unknown command. Type "help" for help."-default message
    changed captions
    added float-expander
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    I would like to know that too... does Minecraft send framerates to the server?
    No I am just a blind moron >_<
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    This plugin is amazing, simple as that. Thank you so much for this release, it's so easy to know if someone is xraying without one of those cpu and ram intensive plugins. Works perfectly, keep it up!
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    So I'm guessing this plugin works by grabbing all the info stored in LogBlock for that player. It doesn't really log any thing but acts more as a "bridge" is that correct?
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    Yes, it's actually a VERY light and fast plugin which does not store any own data. It receives everything it needs from logblock.
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