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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by oliverw92, Aug 15, 2011.

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    Make sure your using the latest aphache, and PHP
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    Works for me, but the log block, disapear from my inventory when I place it.
    ( It's should return to the inventory after placing. )
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    This plugin is awesome
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    Im not sure whats not working. I host from nfoservers.com. I have tried multiple things to fix the issue but it is persistent. It used to work then it stopped and would not work at all. Not sure how to set up php and apache at all. Could you possibly help me with this?
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    Yeah, I realized that, after it stopped working, on my server.
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    Adam Jones

    Hello bob7,

    I was wondering if you had a github account and if you were going to continue updating HawkEye for the community, I have learned HawkEye, and although there are other plugins like CoreProtect or Logblock, nothing can get the same as the simplicty of HawkEye. If you do have github, please PM me your username.

    Adam Jones (adamjones57)
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    If the original DEV's never come back then yes. I want to add more features to this plugin to, worldedit logging would be an amazing addon. Not sure if i want to even bother with adding more things unless bukkit allows me to take over this plugin until the devs come back.
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    Adam Jones

    I honestly don't think the original devs are coming back, considering they have been inactive for 6 months, but if you wind up maintaining the plugin, thanks for doing so.
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    10:50:04 [INFORMACIËN] [HawkEye] Enabling HawkEye v1.0.7b
    10:50:04 [INFORMACIËN] [HawkEye] Starting HawkEye 1.0.7b initiation process...
    10:50:04 [INFORMACIËN] [HawkEye] No permission handler detected, defaulting to s
    10:50:04 [INFORMACIËN] [HawkEye] Performing update check...
    10:50:05 [INFORMACIËN] [HawkEye] No updates available for HawkEye
    10:50:06 [GRAVE] [HawkEye] Error whilst attempting to get connection: com.mysql.
    jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.CommunicationsException: Communications link failure

    The last packet sent successfully to the server was 0 milliseconds ago. The driv
    er has not received any packets from the server.
    10:50:06 [GRAVE] [HawkEye] Error initiating HawkEye database connection, disabli
    ng plugin
    10:50:06 [INFORMACIËN] [HawkEye] Disabling HawkEye v1.0.7b
    10:50:06 [INFORMACIËN] [HawkEye] Version 1.0.7b disabled!
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    You need a MYSQL for this to work, i also suggest you get a better permission plugin...
    Edit: don't forget VAULT!
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    Adam Jones

    Hey! I was wondering if you needed some help using github and other things. Something I could help you with is a jenkins server where you could host downloads. If you want to talk more about this PM me on here, or we could add each other on skype. Message me.

    :O You have a jenkins and github. Oops, well anyways. Good luck getting this plugin up and going again.
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    It'd be REALLY useful if there were hawk logs for repeaters and noteblocks. As a server admin, I make alot of redstone things for the server to enjoy, but half of the time people screw up the repeater timings and the note blocks.
    Constant threats of ban if you're caught aren't helping; it'd be REALLY helpful if there were logs for changing noteblocks and diodes.
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    Make this request on the official HawkeyeReloaded bukkitdev page please.
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    i have a problem. when i use "/hawk tool" and right/left click a greif it says "No players found matching your specifications" and i was useing the TOOL. And not just that it dosnt show me any logs. Even when i made a test greif my self AND waited like 5 minutes (Just In Case) For MySQL To log it. This has never happened before. I have reinstaled the plugin and the same thing happened! Please PM Me!
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    Where can I get the .jar file?
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    how do you turn off permissions with hawkeye?
    I am member in the server and not /op'd and i have /hawkeye but it is not in my permisisons config for groupmanager. please assist.
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    You probably want to look into switching to Hawkeye Reloaded http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/hawkeye-reload/ as Hawkeye hasn't been supported for a long time. I just switched over to it this week without any difficulty or loss of logs. While this isn't a direct answer to your question it'll at least get you to a version where you can get answers.
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    Understood, as for i have hawkeye reloaded just did not say hawkeye reloaded. I have been using mcmyadmin and i deop'd myself and added perms still have the issue. I went to plain bukkit server no mcma and did the same and added - -hawkeye.* on member and still can do /hawkeye and have full control. Something is not right here, for all the people on my server by default can access hawkeye. How do i fix this. Please?
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    I'm not sure how to fix that myself but the only reason I'd noticed this post was because I'd forgotten to unset the alert on this thread. I doubt anyone else even watches this thread. You'll have a way better chance at finding a solution if you post on the reloaded thread id linked last time as people actually watch that thread. Good luck.

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