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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by oliverw92, Aug 15, 2011.

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    I translated your plugin to Italian, I guess there a couple minor errors but It's fine. I can tell because it's what i will be using :p
    Loving your plugin so far.
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    If you've translated the interface please drop me the language.php file and I'll include it!
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    I translated using the GetLocalization website you linked, is that correct? All i've done is what i uploaded there
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    I've got HawkEye successfully installed onto my webserver - but in the plugin config, I put all the correct database information, but always get
    [SEVERE] [HawkEye] Error whilst attempting to get connection: com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.CommunicationsException: Communications link failure
    Using MySQL
    CB 1060
    Any ideas?
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    1. Where is your minecraft server hosted
    2. Where is your mysql server hosted
    3. Show me your config.yml

    Ah yes that is correct, didn't see it there :)

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    - 97
    - 98
        lava-bucket: true
        painting-place: true
        other: true
        pvp-death: true
        block-fade: true
        chat: true
        quit: true
        sign-place: true
        painting-break: true
        lava-flow: true
        flint-steel: true
        button: true
        command: true
        block-form: true
        teleport: true
        lever: true
        item-drop: true
        water-bucket: true
        block-burn: true
        sign-break: true
        block-break: true
        leaf-decay: true
        water-flow: true
        join: true
        door-interact: true
        block-place: true
        open-container: true
        item-pickup: true
        explosion: true
        container-transaction: true
        mob-death: true
        other-death: true
        max-lines: 0
        tool-block: '17'
        log-item-drops-on-death: false
        cleanse-age: '0'
        delete-data-on-rollback: false
        log-ip-addresses: true
        debug: false
        max-radius: 0
        default-here-radius: 5
        hawkeye-table: hawkeye
        port: 3306
        player-table: hawk_players
        username: anxiety_hawkeye
        world-table: hawk_worlds
        hostname: localhost
        max-connections: 10
        password: '********'
        database: anxiety_hawkeye
    version: 1.0.4
    - /login
    - /restartsrv
    - /register
    My MySQL is hosted via my GatorHost webserver:

    Minecraft server hosted though Gaming-Solutions:
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    LOVE the plugin. The only issue I am having is that it seems to expire for some of my ops/admins. I have to reload the plugin in order for it to work for them again. It acts like it's working, they can place the hk tool and it will pop back in their inventory however they cannot see any information on screen.
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    If your MySQL database is on a remote server, why is your hostname localhost in your config.yml

    Download the latest version
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    Just a clarification, WorldEdit Commands will be logged next version/soon, correct? (Yes I'm on 1.0.4b)
    Trying my best to not sound like I'm complaining, because I absolutely love this plugin.
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    I rebooted my server today and it stated that a new version was found and it was updating. Any chance we can see a changelog?
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    v1.1.0 should hopefully have it in.

    It is on BukkitDev. It doesn't auto-update, only tells you there are updates available
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    hi excuse me but in new version can you add a function: to add o remove the data who want to visualize with hawk tool ??? [sry for my bad english but im italian u.u]
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    I'm sorry I have no idea what you mean
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    mmmm with hawk tool (/hawk tool) he give me the localisation, id, time, action, and the dat
    im need to give me only the time the action and the name u.u if possible
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    iam having issue with rollbacking, i can rollback block place destroy etc but i cant rollback chesttransactions. it sayssucefully rollbacked but nothing is changed, there is no error in serverlog when im trying to rollback chesttransactions.
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    English class perhaps?
    Basically he wants to show only the time and the actions performed, instead of all the other data.
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    Could you please add the version number to the thread title?
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    yes xD

    it's 1.0.4b i think
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    It's just to make it easier to see when there is an update.
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    go at the dev page
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    That is planned for v1.1.0

    Use BukkitDev
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    My question is regarding performance, I used bigbrother since hmod days, but had to change to logblock recently because of bigbrother having huge issues, and well logblock is now having huge issues. My question is in regards to performance, how does this compare to resource usage compared to say bigbrother or logblock. Does this handle sql querys faster or slower? etc. etc.
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    Im asking if you could please keep the forum post updated with the build number as it's easier to see if there has been an update while checking the forums. Then, if there has, i can go to BukkitDev.
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    will you ever add h2 support?
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    As he has said many times in the past.


    Too many performance issues.
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    it works very nice for me, better than mysql... (that works not at all :p)
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    Lunar Delta

    Log Block is having huge issues? Huh. First I've heard of it. I was aware of the chest logging bug, but that was easily fixed by updating Spout. Other than that, I've never had a single problem with LB, ever.
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    There is a potential memory leak if you use a custom world generator and have lava and water flow logging on. Apart from that HawkEye uses around the same as BB in terms of memory usage.

    H2 is a massive pile of fail compared to MySQL. Sorry, I won't be adding support for it. Whilst it is ok at first, when you start getting into millions of entries it is utter crap.


    I would like to point anyone that is interested to this thread:


    This is the future.

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  31. Not to complain or anything, but does this mean that work on hawkeye is slowed or semi-halted while this new one is being built? Mind you, I am looking forward to what comes out of it, I just want to know what to expect for the near future of the best (IMO) logging tool available.

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