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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by oliverw92, Aug 15, 2011.

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    me too please oliver update this giant bug, if this comands don't work hawkeye it's useless
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    Thanks oliver, I wasn't sure if you were aware of this or not. I'll give this build a shot. Thanks!

    It works great oliver, thanks.

    We noticed a house burned down on the server and we were trying to figure out if it was a player or lightning. Is there any way to check for natural events only that could have caused this fire?

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    /hawk search a:flint-steel r:30 <- that would show you who used flint and steel in a 30 block radius. The actual burning of the blocks would be shown under the player 'Environment'.
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    Why I haven't downloaded you sooner.... why?!?

    Awesome Plugin -> 5*
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    Thanks :)
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    Just as a quick note - when doing "/hawk here" you dont need the "r:", only "/hawk here 5"
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    @oliverw92 I tried, it kept saying I already had a MySQL server running (even thought i dont and delted all the files associated with mysql) so I couldnt run it, and even if i did get it up and running, how would i create a database?
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    I can't get the web interface to work. What kind of info do you need?
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    Thank you!
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    I'll put up a guide about the Website + MySQL part. He's sort of vague on that.
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    After reconnecting to server "tool" doesn't work. Restart fixes it, but it's not solution for big servers.
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    I also am running in to serious memory issues. For a server which normally takes up about 3gig ram, I reached 10 gigabytes for the server.

    On stopping the server and restarting it, it went back to 2 gigs ram used up, and there were only 6 players on.

    Most logging options are off, although I am logging Lavaflow. No custom generators.
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    What operating system? Windows?

    What isn't working about it?

    Can you try turning off lava logging?

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    I had the same issue - that sadly didn't resolve it :(
    - Also actually no commands seem to be working, I even tried the specific rollback command that you gave me (also with different names)

    And there is no errors in the lag / server chat.
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    Also, the web package's missing from 1.0.4a
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    @25CentStudios I'd be willing to help you out. Why don't you start a private conversation with me?
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    Lava logging turned off - Seems to be stabling at about 4.8gig ram usage with 8 players online, and 3 worlds loaded.

    I'll check what the ram usage is tomorrow morning. Hopefully it will not increase or spike =s
  23. I having some strange lines in server log
    i turned off water-lava flow and chat for sure
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    Redownload v1.0.4
  25. i just deleted and uploaded hawkeye.jar its enought? i dont want to reconfig web and the ingame interface
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    That is enough, yes
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    is this better than logbook or bigbrother? i know bigbrother is going to be discontiued i loced using it. so logbook was the next thing, then i found this. Why do people still use logbook? It seems HawkEye is much better or am i mistaking?
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    @M1sT3rM4n That would be appreciated.

    @oliverw92 Well, at first, I think I was mistaken when I set up a new MySQL with my website's host, configured everything to that and used the domain's IP. After raging at that for a while, I realized all the hawkeye stuff is in the MySQL db on my game server, so I switched it over to that. It still didn't work. And yes, my game server has allowed remote access to the database.

    I can post the config and all, if you want. Tell me if there's anything else that might give you an idea.
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    @Dagumboss Please do that (Remember to remove password)

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