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    Coul you message me the changes?
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    getting this error:

    00:14:39 [INFO] [HawkEye] Using Permissions for user permissions
    00:14:39 [INFO] [HawkEye] Performing update check...
    00:14:40 [INFO] [HawkEye] No updates available for HawkEye
    00:14:44 [SEVERE] [HawkEye] Error whilst attempting to get connection: com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLNonTransientConnectionException: Communication link failure, message from server: "Can't get hostname for your address"
    00:14:44 [SEVERE] [HawkEye] Error initiating HawkEye database connection, disabling plugin
    00:14:44 [INFO] [HawkEye] Version 1.0.4 disabled!
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    Check out the wiki - it shows you examples in the Usage page about how to perform rollbacks

    Good to know, thanks

    So can you confirm that it was indeed the lava/water logging that was causing the memory issues?

    Yeah I am aware there might be an issue here, thanks

    That is a problem with your MySQL setup most likely. Try googling the error 'mysql cant get hostname for your address'
  5. thank you for this great plugin, the web interface is a must ! So do you think you'll add a webstats page like logblock (you can see here an example from our serveur : playersstats

    it's fun for the players and very usefull for admin !
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    Possibly. Whilst not a priority, it could be pretty cool.
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    Possibly a very dumb but quick question.

    What plugin would this replace.. Worldguard? anything else?
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    No, this replaces BigBrother and LogBlock
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    Oh okay, I guess that I owe you an apology, but I need water and lava logging also my map is already generated the 1000 square meter block I need using /wb (world border) guard fill and trim.....

    EDIT: Yes I realize this logs many more things that world edit, but when I was testing the build up of ram usage there was 1 afk play AT THE SPAWN not moving at all yet it still built up, also I had EVERY logging option on inside LB so I think your plugin might have a memory leak if that's even possible for a plugin...
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    Have you tried what I said? I understand there is a memory leak somewhere - that is exactly what I am acknowledging. I can't fix your bugs if you can't help me debug it.
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    This is actually something that is stopping me from giving rollback powers to my moderators. Yes they are trusted but they might make a mistake typing something into a rollback or go mad and decide to rollback the entire server. At the moment rollback powers are restricted to me and the other administrater.

    One way I can see to help add this would be to separate permissions for a general rollback and a world edit rollback, and then use the world edit API to check the size of a region before rolling it back. Also by forcing them to select a region I can force them to think twice about what they are about to do, and not allow them to use the expand commands for example.
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    I got HawkEye to work and it's far superior to BigBrother, thanks!

    But one problem I seem to have. After a period of time, the hawk tool loses all functionality and the plugins have to be reloaded for it to work again. Some OP's lose functionality with it sooner than others. Search seems to work all the time. Is this a known issue?
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    Instead of this you can only let them do /hawk preview <rollback parameters>. This doesn't affect the world in anyway at all - it only shows the changes to that player. They can then do /hawk apply to apply those changes.

    This is a known issue and is being worked on.
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    That's great news. Is this likely to be fixed in the 1.0.5?
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    There is unlikely to be a v1.0.5 unless some really major bugs come out. The current version is functioning well, so the next release should be v1.1.0
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    Commands don't work.. They just do nothing ;o
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    Please try and be more precise.
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    I am. I have the plugin on my server. Permissions 3.1.5 CB 1060 /hawk help /hawk tool every command does nothing. I have the plugin and the file... works but the commands don't. No errors nothing.
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    Show me your console startup for HawkEye
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    This plugin is excellent! I've been using datalog for a while and just upgraded. Easily made a 25 thousand block rollback with no lagg on a 3gb ram server. You should consider adding an overview command that would show potential griefers based on a score. Breaking blocks that other people have placed, using lava, tnt, or flint would increase the score. Would need an option to turn/on or off and a method so it only calculates the score when the command is run to save processing time. I'm thinking of making a plugin that would use the API to restrict guests to only breaking their own blocks and natural blocks.
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    This is an excellent idea! Why didn't I think of that!?
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    Thanks. I forgot to add chest withdrawals from someone else's chest would also garner more points. Probably another config option if raiding is allowed. Might not be too great if people are legitimately using a shared chest. I'm thinking you could also make a little stats command that would show you how much you build, talk, use commands etc.
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    Ok, the only way i would continue to use this was make MySQL optional. I have no clue how to set it up, it gives me errors, and its aggravating. Does anyone know of another plugin like this?
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    Without MySQL, performance will be absolute crap. You can't expect it to work that well. Installation is extremely easy. What OS are you on?
  25. I have to withdraw my earlier statement, I am also running into memory issues, which I did not have with datalog.
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    Hey, I'm an admin from mau5ville.com and we get a minimum of about 40 players online at a time, and in peak US times its more like 90 players constantly. This creates a massive log file. We have tried to run BB and Logblocks but neither are very good at handling that much data. I would like to request that you create an option for your plugin to dump all data that's older than, say, 2 days. Since we will almost always find the grief in less time than that. That way the log files will be kept small and we'll still be able to rollback the majority of griefing incidents and ban those responsible. Does this sound doable? Presumably the developer of this plugin is still actively updating it. As far as I know, something like this should be easy enough to code. We're not interested in logging the actions of a griefer from 2 weeks ago, its much more important that we have reliable, short-term logging.

    Thanks in advance - The mau5ville modsquad.
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    Well, running a big server does make one tend not to read the actual plugin description and config settings, or? ;)

    cleanse-age: '0'       #Max-age of records in the database in  the format '5w8d2h9m4s. Set to '0' to turn this feature off.

    A feature that btw BB has had since months already as well...
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    Interesting idea. Performance would have to be checked out - imagine that happening on every single block break on a 90 player server. I could be a bit of a challenge making it work without destroying your bandwidth. I would actually say this should be part of another plugin really.

    MySQL will never be optional for the reasons but2002 said. Storing 10's of millions of entries in flatfile is a terrible idea. Did you try installing WAMP, XAMPP or MAMP? They are one-click programs that install all you need.

    Do you run any custom chunk generators? Is lava/water logging enabled?

    Please read the wiki thoroughly - you would have seen in the Configuration page the 'cleanse-age' option. That is what you are looking for and already exists.

    You clicked twice

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    Oliver I'm experiencing some extremely strange behavior from hawkeye that I cannot even begin to explain in a believable manner, and thus, I have recorded a video of said events.

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