[ADMN/SEC] VanishNoPacket 3.14.2 - Invisibility made easy! [BukkitDev]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by mbaxter, Aug 16, 2011.

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    mbaxter It says I have vanish.effects.lightning, it says that even if I type in something that is not a real permissions node.

    I deleted my * node for the group and user, now it says I do not have vanish.effects.lightning(or any other permission node even if its real or not). Still, with both of these, I get the effects once I do /vanish
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    Remove the '*' node and then rejoin. The effect is decided, on join, by vanish.effects.lightning.
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    mbaxter Awesome it worked, but at the cost of deleting all permissions? I do not have access to Pex ingame now, and I do not want to add each node for various plugins, surely there is a better way to do this?
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    Read the documentation of your permissions plugin for what nodes you need to have PEX commands. As for other plugins, grant only the nodes you need ;)

    Alternately, give yourself OP and you'll have nearly all nodes. Minus, of course, the effects nodes because those aren't even given to OPs :)
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    mbaxter Thank you this worked! I realised that my PermissionsEx .jar was about 2 versions out-of-date, as my other groups' permissions weren't working.

    Once again thanks for sorting this out, perhaps it would be a good idea to put a note on the VNP bukkit page? Just explaining the way to disable all effects as well as deleting the * node.
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    There is.
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    chaseoes I do not have the permission to access the second link? And the general help page did not solve my problem because it doesn't say anything about deleting the * node, only moving the negative nodes above, which didn't help. It doesn't cover it fully in a way that mbaxter did.

    I still do not get why the minus nodes do not make a difference, this is the only plugin I know that makes - nodes useless with the * node.
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    It has nothing to do with this plugin, and everything to do with your permissions plugin. Granting the '*' node is a poor decision with unpleasant consequences :3

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