[ADMN/SEC] TownControl V1.4 - Stop those pesky griefers! [1.2.5 R1.0]

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    TownControl V1.4 - Stop those pesky grievers! [1.2.5 R1.0]

    TownControl is a plugin that tells when a block "defined" by the user is placed. As of right now it only detects TNT and BedRock, but no worries I'm updating the plugin as we speak. The main purpose of this plugin was I've seen a lot of plugins just like this one, but most are outdated or just don't work right. So I will be updating adding amazing things and hopefully stop those pesky griefers!


    V1.4: Detects if player places TNT to BedRock

    To-do list:
    Add a config file (done by tomorrow)
    Add user defined blocks
    Add Lava Buckets
    Add Enable/Disable commands
    And a lot more!




    Moved to download to BukkitDev waiting for file approval

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    TownContorl V1.6 should be released today, sorry guys I've been so busy
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    I'm having midterms right now guys, I tried to update before this happened but I failed. Sorry be on updating in a week!
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