Inactive [ADMN/SEC] Regios v5.0.01 - Advanced Region Management! + Multi-World, Protection + More![1.0.1-R1]

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  1. Regio's - Advanced Region Management! + Multiworld support, protection, entry control, health control, movement control, custom messages and more!
    Version : 5.0.01

    Changelog :​
    Version 5.0.01 : Fixed NPE's regarding ChunkGrids & Regions​
    Version 5.0.0 : Updated for 1.0.0 and fixed glaring protection issues.​
    Version 4.0.80 : Mobs Fixed and Economy Support for iConomy6 (Thanks to Pianosaurus)​
    Version 4.0.71 : Complete Recode.​
  2. Is the region usehealth property set to true?

    Finished Economy support for iConomy 5 for the buying and selling of Regions! Will finish the rest of the features tonight/tomorrow.

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    Johnny Lunder

    Yup, it is.
    EDIT : It his however a region within another region, might be conflicting.
    But then /lightning shouldn't be working either?
    EDIT : falldamage hurts as well, so health is as it should.
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    I'm using Permissions 2.7.4 and latest version of Regios ( v3.4_8.0 )

    I have a problem with making my lower class moderators not being able to build in protected region's.

    My permissions are listed as following:

    - '*'
    - '-regios.*'

    This should as i read in the Regios commands & nodes documentation, remove rights to override protected region's.
    But with the permissions listed above active the user can still build in my region.
    and yes, i made sure the user in question was NOT in the exeption list for the region.

    Help would be nice. Tyvm.

    Edit: I have also tryed to list - '-regios.bypass' but that did not work either.
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    Is it possible to assign a group to gain access to a certain regio?
  6. Regios v3.5 released. Supports iConomy5 for buying and selling Regions!

    I'm definitely looking to include this but i need to think of an efficient and simple way to do it.

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    Adam, do you support region to region warp? Like I want players to stand in a square and be able to teleport to another region. If possible, add a countdown option?
  8. No, I am making an API for Regios though so maybe you could suggest to other developers to incorporate this when I release it.
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    alright thanks
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    My exceptions are not being saved.

    When using the addex command my server says this:

    2011-06-16 19:23:15 [SEVERE] [Regios] [SQLITE_ERROR] SQL error or missing database (near "-": syntax error)
    2011-06-16 19:23:15 [WARNING] [Regios] Error at SQL INSERT Query: java.sql.SQLException: [SQLITE_ERROR] SQL error or missing database (near "-": syntax error)
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    Brody Romhanyi

    is it possible for it to not send a msg when ever u enter the regios? cuz i just want to protect certain areas from getting griefed i dont want to name them
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    /regios showwelcome <Region Name> <true/false>
    /regios showleave <Region Name> <true/false>
  13. As above :D

    v3.5_01 released. The newest jar should be in your AutoUpdater directory after a server restart.

    Per-World configuration file for customisation and protection. Protect against fire, tnt globally and more! Ops and players with the regios.bypass-protection node can bypass this protection.

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    so if you try to look at the second page of help, you cant see everything.
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    Terrific! Thank you for your hard work!

    So, could you provide a little more detail on how buying/selling regions works? I'm guessing that the buy/sell takes place on a sign but you pre-define the region first so its name can go on the sign. Is that correct?
  16. Fixed that issue. If you restart your server the latest version will be in the 'AutoUpdater' directory.

    You can place a sign anywhere but Regios will check if the name entered on the sign corresponds with an existing Region. If not the sign gets removed. When the sign is then right-clicked if the player has enough money then the money will be taken from their account and deposited into the account of the player who owns the region. Only OP's, or players with regios.override will be able to sell other players regions. I will update the documentation tomorrow :)

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    when will non-ops be able to create their own regions?
  18. Non ops can just give then regios.createdelete Are you talking about purchasing region properties, eg Pvp cost 10 coins etc because if that's what you mean I'm working on it :p
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    Brilliant! Thanks!
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    I found the solution to the above issue.

    Avoid region names with special characters such as "-" as in this example: "test-region"

    That is all....
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    What permissions do players need to buy? I see the sign lit [Regios] when I created it but nothing happens when anyone right-clicks it.
  22. I'll do an update to ban that character from region names along with the ' thank you.
    Anyone can buy at the moment as long as they have enough money, I'll be adding a buy and sell permission node though.
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    can you permissions so users so are not Admin / regios admin can sell they own place?

    user 1 own region 1 and 2
    user 2 want to buy region 2

    then user 1 can create a sign to sell owned region.
  24. If they are the owner of a region then they can sell it.
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    ok, cool :)
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    I Have problem.. some times this plugin doesnt save that example region Blabla showleave is false...
  27. I don't understand you?
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    i mean the plugin doesnt save the regios!
  29. It does. Make sure your running the latest version of Regios and craftbukkit build #860. If you still have a problem then it's your server or a conflicting plugin.
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    Hey, i saw once that disabling commands in a given area might have been considered in a future update and I've been thinking that the opposite may as well be just as useful or even more useful! By that i mean allowing a command or command set to ONLY be used inside a set region. This can be very useful for hardcore / pvp servers or just servers in generals that only want for example, chest and door locking to ONLY be possible inside a town or a specified region. I'm hoping you'll atleast consider this as i haven't seen any feature like that anywhere else :D
    Also, good job on the buying / selling regions. Really needed that ;)

    Wow, Took a look at the changelog and i see a shitton of useful features have been added. Even lots of ones i haven't even though of! xD Damn, you've been busy.

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  31. Yeah :D Don't worry I'll be including blacklists to region protection and some other nice features :)

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