Inactive [ADMN/SEC] Regios v5.0.01 - Advanced Region Management! + Multi-World, Protection + More![1.0.1-R1]

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  1. Regio's - Advanced Region Management! + Multiworld support, protection, entry control, health control, movement control, custom messages and more!
    Version : 5.0.01

    Changelog :​
    Version 5.0.01 : Fixed NPE's regarding ChunkGrids & Regions​
    Version 5.0.0 : Updated for 1.0.0 and fixed glaring protection issues.​
    Version 4.0.80 : Mobs Fixed and Economy Support for iConomy6 (Thanks to Pianosaurus)​
    Version 4.0.71 : Complete Recode.​
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    Im having more strange issues with this pluggin, im running everything up to date craftbukkit, permissions and regios. No strange server logs or anything to report like that.

    First problem is I don't understand what the prohibit blocks function is supposed to do. I set lava and lavabucket to false in the global config and they can still use them freely.

    Secondly, The prevent entry just teleported my players to locations they previously teleported to instead of acting like an invisible wall.

    Please help :(
  3. I am changing the database schema to SQL to make everything more organised and hopefully more reliable, as for prohibit blocks there must be a plugin conflicting and I am removing that from the next version as there are plugins which specialise in that. As for prevent entry the players location is logged every two seconds, upon entering a protection region which they don't have access to they will be teleported back to their previous location. So if they just teled to a region then yes it will put them back where they started(time-dependant).
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    Adam I am so glad you decided to continue on this plug in it sounds like the changes you are making are going to be
    great as you stated I dont see a reason to have prohibited block good call on taking them out. I do want to say again a feature I would love to see come back is permlvl it worked so great since i could jail my mods LOL prease keep that feature in mind and I hope you can put it back in
    Thanks for the continued work
  5. I'm adding a feature to allow you to stop people leaving regions, will this be able to do what you want? :p
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    Could you please input a config option to auto-set all Showwelcome/Showleave to FALSE. I don't want my sponsors having the welcome and leave option and would rather it not show to begin with.

  7. Global coverage, ok :)
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    Ah Ok, there probably is a conflicting plugin, also is will that time be configurable? Just the way I have my server set up it makes it really bizarre for them to be sent back so far but then again usually people don't teleport on there either so ill do more in game test. I really like the plugin though :D
  9. Yeah, if they have just teled from half way across the map into a prohibited region in less than 3 seconds they will be put back to their location 3 seconds ago.
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    Really need anti fire, mobs, and expanding lmao... pretty good tho either way.
  11. I've finished the switch to SQL. Mob spawns have been implemented aswell, you can turn them on or off per region. Expand max works and there will be the option to shrink/expand regions as well as all the other features, I'll probably be done coding and testing by Friday.

    EDIT: You can set anti-fire in the configuration.
  12. Any regions set in one world show up in another, any fix for this? Multiworld support?
    Sorry if i've mentioned this before.
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    Woot i can't wait for v2.6 XDDDDD really tho not joking.
  14. Forgot to put the most important feature :p
    Yes it will now support multi-world and I'm also adding health-regeneration properties per region, movement speed and the option to trap people in regions, similar to prevent entry ;)

    I'm working hard on but I want to try and guarantee a bug free release :D

    I'm also making a better trailer video and getting a friend to give it a review.

    I'm hoping to get everything, including the video & bug testing completed by Friday :)

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  15. :D Thanks.

    I have a friend who would probably review it also, just send him a message.
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    At first when I downloaded and installed this creepers weren't spawning at all, so I change the argument to true, and now they spawn even in the light.
  17. That's the friend I was talking about :p
    My plugin only cancels creeper spawns, it doesn't actually spawn any by itself.

    I'm also adding the option for ops and player with the relevant permission nodes to change who is the owner of a region ;)

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    Ahh yes. thank you, is there by chance a way to make a region inside a region? Like i want it so that certain parts of the region can build, becuase a 2nd region is smaller inside the 1st region. I have a housing channel that i do not want griefed, and have teh houses built inside not griefable, but they have to build it.... so like having a protected area, with land plots where they can build, but outside the plot is protected. then once they finish building its protected from others, besides themself.
  19. Look at the illustration in the main post. You can nest unlimited regions inside one a region as long as each region inside the containing region is not nested within another, the illustration is much simpler :p
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    Wait, what? XD and btw if u protect the main big region, and have a region inside, are u able to build inside the smaller region?
  21. If the main one is protected but the little one isn't then you won't be able to build anywhere except for the little region.
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    Ahh thank you very much sir. now i really cant wait out this plugin turns out in the future :]
  23. I'm just about to release 3.0 with the switch to SQL database and a whole host of new features ;)
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    SQL? NICEEE! If u went MySQl i would have to end this plugin :[ but your skiping .5 within the 2.5. can't wait for the features for mobs, and more. Could you make ti compatiable with LWC? liek make it able to have chests opened in certain areas, and crafting tables etc.
  25. Don't worry I understand the complexities of MySQL. I will be using SQLite which is built into Java by default I believe so you won't need to make any changes besides deleting the old database and running the new version ;)

    I'm going to release from 2.5 >> 3.0 as I feel it's a pretty huge update and 3 is a nice number :p

    I think I've got everything working smoothly but I'd like to make sure I iron out as many bugs and console errors as I can by myself. The new features you can expect in 3.0 are :
    • Change the owner of a region.
    • Stop mobs from spawning in regions.
    • Expand-max will now work properly.
    • Remove some un-necessary commands.
    • Big code clean-up, I spent hours trying to reduce the amount of code to reduce the filesize.
    • New algorithms for region checking = even faster performance!
    • Database schema overhaul to SQLite, don't worry no MySQL hassles, this will also mean faster performace and faster queries.
    I think thats about it, I'm pretty sure this warrants an update to version 3.0 :)

    Tagging some people who might want to see this :p
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    YES thank god man XD now iam gonna stop posting for a while and wait pateiently
  27. Post by all means, keeps the tread bumped :p
    Should be released tomorrow, about this time; hopefully a little earlier.
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    My god, this is perhaps the greatest plugin I have seen on the forums. Includes everything I need to run my server the way I want it to. Way to go!
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    Hahaha k then sure, i wotn post crap, and btw nice, u gave a date for peopel to count on XD thats good and bad hehheh. Gl man and i hope it works out
  30. 3.0 sounds awesome. Thanks for getting multiworld support working :)
    This plugin (once 3.0 comes out) will do everything i need it to (faster and use less space) :D.
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    Alright. Tell me when 3.0 comes out. :D

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