[ADMN/SEC] MultipleLoginBlocker v1.0- Partial Session Stealer Protection - [CB1.2.5-R4.0]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by slade67, Feb 6, 2012.

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    Can i have soruce please, i would liek to extend it for my own liking :)
  3. I have a server with the "offlne mode" enabled. I have the plugin authme with the option "ForceSingleSession: false".

    When a player in the game called for example "Test", and another different player comes with the same nickname "Test" is not as it does, but manages to kick the first player "Test". When the first player "Test" reconnects, has lost all its inventory.

    As I can avoid that a foreign player to kick a player already on the game?

    I enclose part of the log where it looks like out of the game to a player.

    When the real player reenters the game has lost its entire inventory.

    Would greatly appreciate your help to prevent players to kick other players that are in the game.

    A greeting.
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    Hello Lummox,
    The First logged in Player should be prevented from being Logged out. But Please Try the new Update v0.3 in the first Thread to see if this fixes your problem. I have tried the new version in offline/online mode. The Plugin now also checks if a PlayerName is containing symbols not alphanumeric or "-" and "_" this will prevent players using " or ' to immitate other players.
    So try the new version the link is the same. It should prevent players being logged off by others.

    New Update to v0.3 please see first post

    I will upload the source later an pm you the link. However please dont publish as yours!

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    Why not just attach the source to your main post? Anyone can download the jar and decompile it if they want to. Java is like that.
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    I know that, I guess it doesnt matter. Source is linked in main post now.
  7. Hello, I installed the version 0.3. The Person that is pulling people from my server, threat and says he still can pull people from my server.

    I've encouraged to do so throughout the day .... I'll tell you :)
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    Please update for R7 [1.1-R7] is what the title should look like
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